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Everyone needs someone they can trust — even the head of one of the most elite spy agencies in the world!

That's the premise of this exclusive sneak peek from BBC America's new six-part series The Game, which premieres Wednesday at 10/9c. From Doctor Who scribe Toby Whithouse, the period drama stars Emmy winner Brian Cox as Daddy, the head of MI5 circa 1972, who sets up a secret committee to investigate the existence of a Soviet plot code-named Operation Glass. This being the Cold War and all, there are only a select few whom Daddy can entrust with such a secret task where the fate of Britain hangs in the balance.

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Although Daddy has plenty of reasons not to go out on a limb for and trust MI5 agent Joe Lambe (Dancing on the Edge's Tom Hughes) — see: Joe's past betrayal of his country — the the pros still outweigh the cons. Check out the gripping scene below:

The Game premieres Wednesday at 10/9c on BBC America.