Question: Is Battlestar Galactica going to kill off Mary McDonnell? Her character has breast cancer, after all. I love her and don't want her to go!

Answer: You and me both. I can't imagine they'd kill her off just as things are about to (SPOILER ALERT) heat up romantically between Madame President and Commander Adama. You'll see what I mean in the closing minutes of the Jan. 13 episode, which, it's worth noting, is one of the most perfect hours of television I've ever seen. In addition to the goose-bumply Adama-Roslin moment, there's a scene between Michelle Forbes' Admiral Cain and Katee Sackhoff's Starbuck that will blow your frakkin' mind. This Friday's episode is no slouch either, BTW. People, if you haven't boarded Galactica yet, take it from a recent convert: Get off your frakkin' butts, get a hold of the DVDs and catch up, ASAP. Trust. Me.