Batwoman Batwoman

How do you heal a fanboy's broken heart? Lesbians. Or at least that what's DC Comics is hoping.

After recently killing off Batman, DC has announced that Batwoman, a red-headed, stiletto-wearing "lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night," will be headlining Detective Comics. Batwoman — and her alter ego Kathy Kane — will be the subject of at least 12 issues beginning in June, marking the first major storyline for a gay character in DC's history.

The character was first introduced in 1956, but her modern "outed" incarnation is only a couple years old. Writer Greg Rucka insists her sexuality is incidental to the character. "Yes, she's a lesbian. She's also a redhead. It is an element of her character. It is not her character. If people are going to have problems with it, that's their issue," he told the U.K.'s Independent newspaper.

Rucka also noted that future editions of the comic may focus on Catwoman and Damien, Batman's purported son — that is, until they decide that it's just best to bring Batman back to life.

What do you say Batfans? Are you ready for a homosexual hero?