Gregory Smith and Emily VanCamp Gregory Smith and Emily VanCamp

Based on the flood of e-mails I've received in the past three days, many of you are worried about what all this CW insanity means for our beloved little-drama-that-could, Everwood. Well, the simple answer is no one knows and that includes executive producer Rina Mimoun.

"Obviously, the news was a shock to everyone here, and to be honest, we aren't sure what this means for us," she says. "Hopefully, Les Moonves and Dawn Ostroff will fall in love with our little show and find a place for it on CW. Thanks to people like yourself, we've had an amazing run and a nice amount of critical acclaim this year, which we're hoping will be recognized."

And just in case it doesn't, I'm sure it wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't hurt if we reminded Moonroff with letters and e-mails from you guys and with me and my considerable TV Guide clout how much this show is treasured and how devastated we'd be if it became a casualty of UPN and WB's shotgun wedding. (Our other two obsessions, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, appear to be shoo-ins for adoption.)

In the meantime, here's some Mimoun-sponsored Everwood prattle to whet your appetites for the show's return in March. In addition to the forthcoming big death you first read about in Ask Ausiello, Mimoun teases that "someone you know is gay, two people you've come to love will be leaving Everwood forever and a marriage proposal is on the way."

Should you need more incentive to jump on the Everwood bandwagon and encourage your friends and enemies to do the same Mimoun makes this promise: "If we get asked back next year, we are naming a character after you!" And by you she means me. Get to work, people!