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The Simpsons — famous for its weekly "couch gag" during the show's opening credits — got much more serious with it this week.

Banksy, a British artist known for graffiti projects that mix social commentary with street art, helped create the opening that aired Sunday. The artist's name was written throughout the usual scenes of the characters' various lives in Springfield.

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For the couch gag, Banksy created a sequence that toured an Asian sweatshop. Workers are seen making animation cels and creating DVDs and other Simpsons

-branded merchandising products. The Simpsons outsources much of its animation to South Korea. The final shot reveals the sweatshop is housed inside the towering 20th Century Fox logo.So, are The Simpsons' creators worried about being in hot water with their parent company?"Well, I haven't been fired yet, so that's a good sign," longtime showrunner Al Jean told The New York Times. "Obviously, the animation to do this was pricey. I couldn't have just snuck it by Fox. I'll just say it's a place where edgy comedy can really thrive, as long as it's funny, which I think this was. None of it's personal. This is what made The Simpsons what it is."Watch the credit sequence below. What do you think of the message?