Melissa Rycroft Melissa Rycroft

In case it wasn't obvious on Dancing With the Stars, Melissa Rycroft has moved on.

The jilted Bachelor fiancée says she accepts Jason Mesnick's apology and wants to focus on the future.

"I accept the apology. Forgive, forget," the insta-celebrity told Extra. "I'm moving on. And I'm away from that situation, in a new relationship and a new life, really."

That life includes replacing Nancy O'Dell on Dancing, where she scored a 23 in her very first performance after just hours of rehearsals.

Mesnick told the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader that he wanted to pursue a relationship with Bachelor runner-up Molly Malaney on After the Final Rose, which aired last Monday. He spent last week expressing his regret over the public display of rejection.

Rycroft said last week that she is focused on a new relationship with a man named Ty she has known for two years and dated off-and-on. He shares a first name not only with Mesnick's son but also Dancing contestant Ty Murray.

Is Melissa more suited to Dancing than dating shows?