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Week 3 of The Bachelorette reached new heights (and lengths) with Ali and her date Roberto walking a tightrope 20 stories high and Justin walking, on crutches, from the guys' mansion to Ali's quarters just to get alone time. So why are the guys hating on Justin, and why did Ali keep Jonathan the "Weatherman" despite their awkward kiss and his tears, yet choose to let go of Hunter? Host Chris Harrison weighs in. Why did Ali give Weatherman a rose?
Chris Harrison: I don't know, I think it might be one of those things, and putting myself in the place of women, where it's almost defensive. Like Jillian [Harris] giving Wes a rose when you know full well you shouldn't. Everyone knows you shouldn't, but I don't think you want to be told what to do. Or maybe [it was] to put it in the guys' face because they made fun of him so much. I was surprised, too, that night. It might've been more pity than anything.

Top Moments: Glee, The Bachelorette and Baseball Get Awkward Why do you think she axed Hunter?
Harrison: There was nothing there. ... There was no chemistry at all and he'll be the first to admit there was nothing between them. She was like, great guy, love him, sweet as can be, but not the guy I'm going to sleep with. I don't think he was ever comfortable either and it was just one of those times where it's like: Yep, not here, moving on. For someone afraid of heights, Ali took her date with Roberto like a champ.
Harrison: Of all places to have your first kiss, 20 stories over L.A.? That was a pretty damn cool place.

Bachelorette's Chris Harrison calls Roberto's appeal "the second coming of Antonio Banderas" What did you think about Ali and Kirk's kiss?
Harrison: The video kiss was like: OK, we're done, and they kept going. That was awkward, but then he validated the kiss in the hot tub later that night — that's where you're like: Oh, there's chemistry here. I think she's having fun on this roller coaster. Why are the guys so hard on Justin?
Harrison: It's ironic as hell that this is like Vienna [from last season], where I don't think there is a particular reason why he's so hated. He doesn't do anything to curb that, but he never really did anything where you're like, "Oh you're an ass." I hear and see everything and he never did that. It's like high school and a clique and if you don't fit in that clique ...

Watch full episodes of The Bachelorette How was he able to walk to Ali's house to see her?
Harrison: He asked. If it wasn't OK we would've stopped him and said, "No you can't," but he said, "I want to go up to Ali's." And producers said "OK, the only thing is you're on your own." He said fine, went up to the security guard that keeps everyone at the gate, and started walking up the hill with his crutches.