The Bachelorette - Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette - Ali Fedotowsky

The women on The Bachelor get a bad rap for their fighting, but this week's The Bachelorette proved that guys can be just as catty. Chris Harrison, who can be seen hosting Friday's 2010 Scripps National Spelling Bee at 8/7c on ABC, explains to that although Jonathan the weatherman got picked on, he's not a fan favorite, either. He also tells us why Ali is so gaga for Roberto. What was up with Craig M. vs. the weatherman?
Chris Harrison: As much as I think we all felt a little sorry for Jonathan, he's not the fan favorite, either. You didn't see the guys exactly stand up and say, "Craig, take it easy." In fact, when Craig came down and did his weatherman impersonation, the guys were rolling. He killed the room and that's something we really didn't pay enough homage to, either. If people ever complained that they say we choose who stays and who goes, now you know it's definitely not true because, if it was up to me, Craig M. would not only be on this show, he would be on every show we ever do from now on. He made me laugh so damn hard. There was no way Ali was going to marry the guy anyway so it wasn't like he was really hurting anybody. For the most part, we all thought he was a goofball, but I don't think anyone really hated the guy. Well, Jonathan did; everyone else kind of laughed at him.

Bachelorette host Chris Harrison calls Derrick's "premature" admission horrifying Why on earth did the guys have to wear Speedos on the group date?
Harrison: Because it's funny. I thought the same thing: Why would we want this on the calendar? But once you see the calendar, it makes sense. I got an advance copy, and by the way, for the most part anyone who was in a bikini, it's under the fold. So you don't have to worry about seeing too much. Was it a coincidence Jonathan had the tiniest of them all?
Harrison: Poor weatherman. It only seems to happen when the weak one gets picked on. He complained about it, but I have to say I probably would have complained about it as well. There's no way in hell, with a gun to my head, that I would've walked out in a Speedo.

Bachelorette's Chris Harrison "excited" about new gig, doesn't understand green mankinis His beat Ed Swiderski's "mankini" from Season 5.
Harrison: But at least Jonathan didn't do it to himself. Ed did it to himself and still stands by it. Ty and his guitar: Cheesy or smart?
Harrison: Can it be both? Yes, it is cheesy, but it did get him a rose. I'll say this: Don't judge Ty by his guitar because I think it's cheesy, but I really like Ty. He's a good guy, he's another one of my favorites this season, so I was like, "Aww man, c'mon, you're better than that." I want to do away with all the guitars for a while. If I could play guitar, I would play it all the time, but we've had such a run lately of guitar players on the show.

Meet the 25 men after Bachelorette Ali's heart Do you think feelings are developing more quickly than usual?
Harrison: It totally depends on who the bachelor/bachelorette is on how fast the feelings develop. With Frank, especially, they hit it off. With the car breaking down, they just rolled with it, and interestingly enough because the car broke down and it kind of went to hell as far as production goes, it almost made it more real for them. So I think they just had a great date, they really hit it off early, [but] I'm really surprised, too, that they went that far [and kissed]. It almost seemed like a date three or four weeks in, not one week in. So the car really broke down?
Harrison: I swear the car really broke down on the highway. The producers were mortified. They thought, let's get it fixed then we'll start the date up again, but it was going to take too long and they didn't want to wait literally on the side of the highway. So they got them in cabs and kept going. We didn't stage that at all.

See photos from The Bachelorette Why do you think Ali is so gaga over Roberto?
Harrison: All I can say from the completely unprofessional, unreliable poll I took poolside at a barbecue yesterday, half the women love Roberto. He's "forbidden," he's "yummy," what else did I hear. There were women there that are like, "Are you kidding me? I could eat him up he's the sexiest Latino man I've ever seen." They just love this guy. It's like the second coming of Antonio Banderas. The other half of the pool is like, "I don't get it." It's really funny because he's not polarizing, you can't hate Roberto, but some people are just literally driven crazy by this guy. I guess if you're under his spell like Ali is, he does it for you. What can we look forward to for next week?
Harrison: You see the advancing of Justin and the guys continue to question him. Nothing he does makes him a bad guy; in fact, it all looks good in Ali's eyes ... Justin doesn't really fit in that high school or fraternity clique that the rest of the guys are in. That starts coming to a head next week.