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The Bachelorette's Bentley is out of sight, but he's certainly not out of mind. Despite being in beautiful Thailand, Ashley continued to be hung up on this season's bad boy. Host Chris Harrison says that, although she was still upset about his departure, Ashley started to open her eyes to some of the other men. But while this week may have seemed like a new beginning for the 26-year-old dentist, Harrison says Bentley's return next week brings her back to square one.

Did you expect Ashley to be talking about Bentley that much once you got to Thailand?
Chris Harrison:
I thought a nice 17-hour flight would clear her head, and it really ended up being the opposite where she went back in the other direction. She started having feelings for other guys and it made her question: Well, how do I fall for these guys when I'm not even sure I'm over Bentley? So in a way the more she connected with other guys, the more it pushed her back the other way. This is when I realized we were in trouble ... It led us to the point of realizing we're left with one of two things: pack up our bags and go home and end production, which isn't really and option, or rip this Band-Aid off and Bentley's got to come back. That's the decision we came to.

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Were you surprised Ames got the rose, even without a kiss, on his date?
I didn't see that coming — he was done. She didn't know him and was like: Eh, he's not my type. But he absolutely captivated her imagination on that date. It really turned 180 for her. I don't know if I've ever seen that happen where someone was dead in the water going into a date, they didn't know it, and he absolutely won her over by being himself.

So is Ryan really that happy?
I'm going to defend him a bit. Yes, he's maybe a little too up all the time, but he's a good guy. I really like him. He's just passionate; he's a very passionate guy.

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Why did you decide to let Ashley add a rose?
It was a no-brainer. I didn't really push her because she's not in that space right now to play devil's advocate. She needs a pat on the back ... She's really meeting these guys for the first time, she closed herself off to some of these relationships, so I feel like now more than ever she needs to hold onto some of these guys.

Any last teases for next week?
Harrison: Chiang Mai is the most exotic, mysterious city we have ever traveled to, but Ashley falls deeper and deeper into this abyss of Bentley. I know people are so sick of hearing about it ... I was like: You're not really being fair; these guys are pretty awesome, they've given up their lives and careers to do this for you and you're kind of wasting it. I gave her a proverbial slap upside the head and said you need to pull it together. And all of that leads to the decision of Bentley coming back.