The premiere of The Bachelor Winter Games brought a bunch of old favorites like Ben Higgins, Ashley Iaconetti and Clare Crawley back into our lives. While it's great to see them again, we know them already, and a big part of the fun of watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is getting to know a new cast of characters to follow on Instagram. That's why the really exciting part of The Bachelor Winter Games is getting to know the international contenders. They're just as attractive as the Americans, plus they have accents!

They were all pretty much wild cards going into the premiere, but after the premiere, we have a better sense of who they are and what they're about. Some of them are pretty cool and some of them are pretty weird.

Yuki, <em>The Bachelor Winter Games</em>Yuki, The Bachelor Winter Games

The biggest breakout for the ladies so far seems to be Yuki, the 21-year-old from Japan. She doesn't speak much English, but you still understand her. She just wants to have a good time! I don't really see her making much of a love connection with anyone, but it'll be fun to watch her navigate this very bizarre situation she's found herself in, especially since it seems like she's going to make everyone get on her level.

But from a romantic and comedic standpoint, the most promising international player based on the first episode is Ally from New Zealand. She and Josiah were the first couple to "have a cheeky little snog" after he hit on her by calling her tongue piercing scar "hot" and saying he likes that she's "thicker" than American Bachelor contestants. Then she fell while skiing and hurt her "bum-bone."

"My arse is bloody sore," she cried. Look, it's not funny that she hurt her bum..but it's a little funny that she hurt her bum.

Ally and Lily, <em>The Bachelor Winter Games</em>Ally and Lily, The Bachelor Winter Games

And her countrywoman Lily linked up with hunky Australian Courtney, a hookup that doesn't include Americans at all, which is a good lesson for us. Not everything has to be about Americans all the time! The world doesn't revolve around America!

The other women are Stassi and Rebecca from Sweden, the latter of whom easily won the women's biathlon; Tiffany from Australia, who scandalously started dating another contestant named Megan when she was on The Bachelor and is willing to date both women and men but will surely end up only dating men on this heteronormative show; and Jenny from Finland, who didn't make much of an impression, tbh. Zoe from China and Laura from England got eliminated.

Kevin, <em>The Bachelor Winter Games</em>Kevin, The Bachelor Winter Games

On the men's side, the most promising dudes are the Canadians Kevin and Benoit. Kevin, the former Bachelor Canada lead who Ashley I. said looks like "Tom Brady meets James Marsden," is Higgins-esque in how mopey he is about his relationship not working out. Hopefully his romance with Bibiana (or Ashley I.) goes somewhere, because we can't have two emo Bachelors bringing the mood down. One is more than enough.

Benoit, on the other hand, is just a beefy goofball who wants to separate his white eggs from his yellow eggs and make out with Clare. He's gonna be fun.

Ashley Brewer and Christian, <em>The Bachelor Winter Games</em>Ashley Brewer and Christian, The Bachelor Winter Games

And Christian, who competed on both the German and Swiss versions of The Bachelor, made an impression, but mostly as kind of a weirdo. He has a very precise, matter-of-fact-sounding German accent, which makes statements like "When a woman looks beautiful, I like it," sound vaguely menacing. Plus he broke his ski pole, which is a metaphor for impotence. He's also into Clare, so he and Benoit are going to triangulate with her.

The other international man is the aforementioned Australian Courtney, who seems to know how to party.

So which of these int'l players do you want to get to know? Vote below!

The Bachelor Winter Games airs three more episodes — Thursday, Tuesday and Thursday — at 8/7c on ABC.