Brittany Taltos, Erica Taltos Brittany Taltos, Erica Taltos

A handful of Bachelor and Bachelorette alums have left the show by their own choosing, but none of them had quite as strange an exit as the twins on Bachelor Pad.

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"It was the most bizarre meltdown I've ever seen in the history of our franchise," host Chris Harrison On Monday's episode, Brittany and Erica alternated between screaming and crying — all the while calling each other sluts. By the end of the episode, they packed their bags and left, much to the delight of the rest of the house, who could no longer tolerate their bickering.

Keep reading for more of Harrison's thoughts on the weird exit, why Chris will soon be the most hated man in the house and how Ed barely made it through this week's challenge. (Read our full recap of the episode here.)

Did you think the twins would actually leave?
Chris Harrison:
I thought they would calm down and be OK, but I don't think there was one person in the house sad that they left. It was like watching one crazy person yell at themselves. It was really odd to follow.

Chris is setting himself up by getting involved with both Jamie and Blakeley.
Pretty soon he's going to make the love triangle a square, so it only gets worse. Right now he's trying to play one girl against the other and make it work somehow. I don't know if he doesn't realize this is Bachelor Pad and they're all living under the same roof and people will talk or if it's just arrogance and stupidity. He's trying to pull off the impossible, and it's going to come back and bite him in the ass.

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Does he get in hot water with the rest of the house too?
He rubs the girls the wrong way, no pun intended, but he also starts being antagonistic with some of the guys. It's like when he was on Emily's season. He has that brash attitude that doesn't allow him to ever back down, so it's difficult for him to get along in these scenarios.

How mortifying was that challenge?
Poor Ed, who I think had drank half the pool the night before, was sweating out all those toxins the next day. I was really just wondering whether he was going to stay standing without passing out because it was really hot and he was really hungover. I didn't know if he was going to die.

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Speaking of Ed, he hooks up with Sarah and then she votes against him. And cries about it!
That is a great summary of Bachelor Pad this year. Two people hook up and all seems to go great, and then they vote the other person out. There is no such thing as an alliance or couple this season. Every time you think you get it figured out, they do a 180 on you and this is a great example.

And once Ed learns it was Reid's plan to get him out, it looks like they'll get heated.
It's weird. I didn't see them being so hostile and such enemies, but it [picks up] momentum and keeps going and going. But things change so quickly. Whatever feeling you took from this week, forget about it because I promise you next week will be utterly and completely different.