Bachelor Pad Bachelor Pad

Our top moments of the week:

11. Worst Argument: After he's put into the bottom three on The Glee Project, Abraham delivers a perfectly fine performance of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" for his last-chance performance. But after feeling that he gave less than his best, he storms back onstage to tell Ryan Murphy and the other judges just how much he deserves to stay. "I'm not freaking leaving until I win this competition and you write a role for me on Glee," he proclaims. Murphy appreciates his initiative, but tells Abraham that instead of merely standing on stage and saying why he deserved to stick around, he should have asked to perform again and prove that he deserves to win. Unfortunately, Abraham is sent home. Guess he should have put his microphone where his mouth is.

10. Happily Ever After... For Now Award: On the season finale of The Bachelorette, Emily cuts Arie prior to their final date after realizing that Jef is the man for her. "I really do feel like you're my soul mate ... I love you so, so much," Emily tells Jef. Having won her heart, Jef gets down on one knee and proposes. "I want you to know that what I'm about to ask you aren't just empty words. What I'm about to ask you is a forever thing," Jef says. Emily says yes, and even though history isn't on their side, the final image of Jef, Emily and her daughter Ricki walking off hand-in-hand is a sweet one.

9. Best Breaking of the Rules: Watch What Happens: Live celebrates the upcoming Summer Olympics by putting guests Amy Sedaris and Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner through some fun physical challenges. However, Bruce doesn't play by the rules at all. During the "Hug-of-War" challenge, instead of letting Amy try to make the hug awkward so that he'll break away, Bruce lifts his petite competitor up into his arms before throwing her over his shoulders and spinning her around multiple times. When can we go on that ride at Disneyland?

8. Spoiler Alert! America's Got Talent contestant William Close proves that harps can be cool. Plucking away at his oversized, self-made "Earth Harp" — which was apparently suspended from the top of the auditorium — Close creates a hauntingly beautiful rendition of The Who's "Love, Reign O'er Me." His performance earns him a spot in the semifinals, but he may go much further. After all, lead judge Howie Mandel declares: "We're done. I think you've won." Thanks for ruining the ending, Howie!

7. Celebs Strike Back Award: On Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel provides a public service with a new segment called "Mean Tweets." "What you don't see when you send a nasty tweet is it can actually cause pain," Kimmel says as he introduces a segment that features such celebs as Katy Perry, Snooki, Matt LeBlanc and James Van Der Beek reading hateful tweets they're received. Some are obvious ("Matt LeBlanc looks so old. #whathappened "), some are crude ("I would rather chop my arm off and f--- myself with my detached limb than watch 'Katie [sic] Perry the movie. What the f--- is wrong the with world?"), and others are direct ("F--- david spade.").  "At least this guy gets right to it," Spade jokes. 

6. Worst Temper Tantrum: After his week as head of household, Big Brother's Willie Hantz has trouble adjusting to his role as Public Enemy No. 1. Rather than lying low, Russell continues to rub all the houseguests the wrong way. When his own teammates try to distance themselves from his antics, Willie goes on a rant, which ends with him and Joe locking horns in the bathroom. When Willie chest-bumps Joe (the result of an attempted head-butt), the producers quickly remove Willie from the house, reinforcing their no-violence policy. Somewhere, Willie's brother Russell is shaking his head.

5. Most Surprising Deception: When Political Animals' Elaine Barrish tells her son and chief of staff, Douglas, that she wants to run against the incumbent president for the White House, he's shocked but supportive... to her face. Later in the episode, though, Douglas leaks his mother's plan to a reporter in hopes that the sneak attack will nip his mother's idea in the bud. Douglas tells Susan his family "won't survive" another campaign. But can they survive another huge newspaper scandal?

4. Best Use of a Children's Toy: When Breaking Bad's Mike is called to an associate's house as part of a deathtrap, the world-weary fixer quickly reminds us why he's the best. Sensing his assassin will shoot him through the peephole, Mike places a mechanical stuffed pig (perhaps one of his beloved granddaughter's toys) outside the door to distract the killer while he sneaks in the back and gets the drop on the young punk. We're glad that Mike is on top of his game: Now that he's getting back into business with Walt and being investigated by the DEA, he's going to need to be.

3. Worst Pool Party: On the season premiere of Bachelor Pad, former Bachelorette "winner" Ed proves he hasn't matured much since we last saw him. After immediately getting wasted on the first night, Ed interrupts Chris Harrison's welcome speech by jumping into the pool in just his underwear. Although Chris eventually gets him to rejoin the group, Ed runs back in right away and gives his new housemates an eyeful.

2. Best Non-Musical Reference: The Newsroom takes a break from (sometimes awkwardly) working references to Broadway musicals into its dialogue with a heartfelt tribute to the film Rudy. After Will quietly pays $250,000 to save a stringer ACN hired to cover the Mubarak crisis from kidnappers, each member of Will's staff files into his office and puts a check on his desk. (They're re-creating the scene where all the Notre Dame starters give their jerseys to the coach so Rudy can dress out for the big game — a scene Will says always makes him cry.) Fortunately, no tears are shed, though the ice between Will and Mack, who orchestrated the whole thing, thaws a bit. "Happy Valentine's Day," she says, as Will scoops her into a big hug. Quick, somebody burst into song!

1. Most Bittersweet Victory: After months of pursuit, Burn Notice's Michael finally catches Anson — the man who burned Michael years ago and put Michael's girlfriend Fiona behind bars — thanks to an assist from Michael's brother Nate. But before Michael can cuff his nemesis, both Anson and Nate are shot and killed by an unknown sniper. As Nate falls to the ground and starts bleeding out, Michael tells his brother that he's going to be all right, but instead, he dies in Michael's arms. Sure, Michael took Anson down, but was it worth his brother's life?

What were your top moments?