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Viewers tuning into the Bachelor Pad premiere might've been expecting a Jake and Vienna showdown, but instead the one-time Bachelor gave his ex-fiance the immunity rose. Host Chris Harrison calls the decision the stupidest thing Jake could've ever done. Harrison shares his insight into the move that shook the house up and why Vienna's boyfriend Kasey will prove to be the strongest player this season. Plus: Why does Harrison think Justin "Rated R" would've done well in the game had he not been cut Week 1?

Was Jake giving Vienna the immunity rose genuine or stupid?
Chris Harrison: I thought it was genuinely the stupidest thing he could've ever done. It's so Jake to try to extend the olive branch and that's fine, I think a large a part of why he's here is to have that reconciliation, but as far as the game goes it was the dumbest thing he could've ever possibly done. Even though Gia didn't get voted off, he screwed her and really shook up the house.

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What did you think of Jake's apology to Vienna?
Harrison: She doesn't have an ounce of forgiveness in her. I think Jake thought that it went well, but the poor guy is sitting back with his hand over his head taking a big sigh of relief that finally this is over and then in the other room Kasey and Vienna are laughing. She wants nothing to do with him.

Kasey and Gia struck a deal to not vote each other out, yet Gia and Vienna are enemies. Will that come back to bite him?
A lot of what you saw says a lot about Kasey and Vienna and their relationship. Are they really as tight as they say they are because it seems like as soon as a little pressure is applied instead of all for one, it's all for myself. She made it clear she's there for the money and he made it clear he's willing to do what it takes to save his own hide. But I think people are going to be surprised at just how strong of a player Kasey is. The guy left on a glacier who got a tattoo comes in here and is really a master manipulator. He played everybody perfectly to save himself — there's no way on earth he should've still be in the house after Night 1. When you finally had him and Vienna separated why wouldn't you divide and conquer?

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Is Justin "Rated R" all an act for the cameras?
Harrison: I think so, he's plays his wrestling character. ... but you have to take with a grain of salt everything these people do right now because they're also playing a game. I think he thought coming in and playing both sides would work and it probably would've, but Alli sold him out so fast. I would've liked to have seen him go a little farther. Even though he was rude to me, I think he was a good player. I think if they had allowed him to stay he would've organized a separate group and really have been able to fight Kasey and Vienna. By the way, one thing we didn't show was that [his exit] speech went on for so long. It was a rant that started out kind of funny, but then it got sad.

Aside from Kasey and Vienna, what other strong couples will emerge?
Holly and Michael are an incredibly strong alliance. I think they were smart in that they buried the hatchet for the sake of the game. They went back to each other which is incredibly grown-up and mature, but awkward, but you'll see as the game goes on, they're an incredibly smart, talented team and it's because they know each other so well. Michelle and Graham, Team GQ, they turn out to be a very interesting couple as well and a smart team.