Jake Pavelka and Kasey Kahl Jake Pavelka and Kasey Kahl

Bachelor Pad's Kasey Kahl entered the competition with one goal in mind: Beat Jake Pavelka.

"He was the only guy that I really cared about beating," Kahl told TVGuide.com. "I've got the girl, I've got the love and now I'm going for the money and to oust Jake."

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Of course, that girl is Jake's ex-fiancée Vienna Girardi.

"Being in the house with your girlfriend's ex-fiancé is a unique situation," Kahl adds. "My No. 1 thing was that I wanted to protect Vienna and keep her physically and emotionally safe from the guy."

Pavelka, who hadn't seen Girardi since filming their explosive breakup interview last year, also came to the Pad on a mission: to speak to his former fiancée.

"We started the conversation about a year ago that we didn't get to finish," Pavelka said. "This was my opportunity to get back in front of her and finish that conversation, get closure for myself, offer her closure and finish that conversation for America."

Judging from the previews, the exes may never be friends, but Pavelka and Kahl have different impressions about their relationship.

"I think had Kasey and I met under different circumstances, we'd be really good friends," Pavelka said. Kahl begs to differ. "I'm a very lovable person, but ... I don't want to become friends with a person that does the kind of things to women I don't approve of. Hence the tattoo I got — women deserve to be guarded and protected."

Speaking of that famous tattoo Kahl got on The Bachelorette, he says his fellow cast members love it.

"The tattoo I got on Ali's season is a positive reflection of who I am and how a woman should be treated. I told Ali someone should always guard and protect her heart and that's how I want my wife to feel," he said. So is that future wife his present girlfriend? "She's my everything. I'm excited to see our future together."

Whether or not Kahl takes home the $250,000, he hopes to at least show viewers that the good guy can prevail. "I want to show America that there are good guys out there that can still win and that aren't going to finish last."

Watch a clip of Kasey and Vienna from Monday's premiere (8/7c):