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After 19 previous Bachelor and Bachelorette contests in one house that led to tension, tears and hookups, Bachelor Pad host Chris Harrison still was "stunned" at just how quickly the house became split between the "cool kids" and the "outsiders." Harrison spoke to about the two alliances in the house and why contestant Gwen refuses to announce her age. Plus: He weighs in on the double engagement. I bet you're excited about DeAnna Pappas and Holly Durst' double engagement?
Chris Harrison:
They're going to do a double wedding in the spring! I'm very excited. If you think about it too hard it's a little bizarre and incestuous ... but overall it's pretty cool. This little world we've created has gone on to create all of these relationships. People always ask, "Are you upset that you don't have more couples together?" I look at the Stagliano brothers and DeAnna and Holly and [Jesse]Csincsak, even Firestone, there are so many people and relationships that have been successful from this show and out of this show.

It's a double engagement — to twins — for former Bachelorette and Bachelor contestant Were you surprised the house would become so divided on Bachelor Pad?
Yes, I was stunned. And I was stunned at how it became high school — literally they're calling themselves the cool kids and the outsiders. It's almost unfortunate, but you also realize how quickly the uncool kids wanted to hang with the cool kids and it really didn't take much for [the outsiders'] plan to fall apart. They had everything put together and then Gia falls on her face and gives Wes the rose, totally screwing everything up. Nikki stabs everyone in the back and gives Kiptyn the vote of confidence. They had everything in their hands and they completely screwed it up. The cool kids manipulated it. Did you think Gia would ever become part of the "uncool" crowd?
I was surprised about Gia and where she ended up. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that she has a boyfriend, and I think she's a little bit older and mature than the guys and even the other girls are. You look at Elizabeth and Tenley and they're very much alike, whereas Gwen and Gia and those girls are different. Then there are people floating in the middle like Nikki or Ashley that are very pivotal pawns in this game. They don't really fit in with either — they get pulled back and forth and used really. Nikki got completely used last night.

Meet the Bachelor Pad contestants Why does the show list Gwen's age as a question mark?
They know her age, someone knows, she had to give all her information. I didn't realize she wasn't going to announce that. We were in the room getting ready one night and I asked, "Gwen, how old are you anyway? I'm turning 39, you got to be pretty close to me," and she looked at me and would not tell me. I'm like, "Are you serious? You're not telling how old you are?" and she's like, "No, I'm not telling the show." So we put question marks. That's just silly to be worried about how old you are.