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While Erica Rose got eliminated on this week's Bachelor Pad, she didn't go down without a fight — or without trying to get some. Host Chris Harrison weighs in on the "savvy, but underestimated black widow," why he thinks Holly is getting vilified for her love triangle, and how he's shocked by Kasey's name-dropping fight with Vienna. Plus: Get ready for next week's three-hour finale!

How great was Graham and Michelle's strategy in the "Nearlywed Game"?
Chris Harrison: Our king and queen, Team GQ, is also pretty damn smart.

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Blake and Erica did shockingly well.
For playing the game the "right way" they were pretty amazing. They don't know each other from Adam and to walk in there and do as well as they did was unbelievable. For whatever Erica is and people think of her, she's pretty savvy and pretty smart. Some of the things she says are out of this world, but her logic is dead-on. She gets underestimated a lot.

What did you think about her logic about why Blake should spend the night with her?
Harrison: I didn't know what to think then, and I still don't. I felt bad for Blake. The guy has been through the ringer; every woman he teams up with is a nightmare. Melissa seemed perfectly normal and then goes off the deep end on him, then he gets mixed-up with Holly and her bizarre love triangle and then Erica is this black widow about to devour the guy. I was actually pretty impressed with him for saying enough, you're being disrespectful. She's like, "This is what partners do," but you just chose each other an hour ago, you don't have to consummate it. She gave compelling arguments, though, you can tell she's going to be a good lawyer.

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Were you surprised Erica and Blake gave the safety rose to Kasey and Vienna?
  I get why they did it because it appeared that Kasey and Vienna are really tight with Graham and Michelle and they would go together in the vote, but it amazes me that once again Kasey and Vienna found a way to survive. People have just fallen on their own swords and handed it to Kasey and Vienna. Week 1, they should've been gone and should've been the easiest and biggest target. I can't wait to talk to everybody at the finale. My first question is: What the hell were you thinking and have you been kicking yourselves watching the show? How did you not break up the power couples early on?

Were you shocked by Kasey and Vienna's fight?
Harrison: It astounds me what they will discuss. If you look at the things they've said about each other and to each other on this show it's unbelievable. I wouldn't say that to my worst enemies. I couldn't believe he pulled out names [Dave Good and Wes] she had allegedly slept with.

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I have to give Holly credit for sticking with Michael and voting Blake out.
  I know people feel for Michael, but to a certain degree I feel like Holly is getting vilified unfairly. They really truly like each other, they're falling for each other and Holly's like, "I'm single. Why am I beholden to this guy just because he says he loves me again?" So you have to see her side of it, too.  I think people are a little bit upset because while Michael maybe doesn't deserve to have her back, it's not 100 percent appropriate the way Holly and Blake are going about it, either.

What can you say about next week's finale?
  It's a three- hour finale. The first is the end of the show where we get to the final two couples and it's this magnificent competition in Vegas. Then there's a vote of their peers to decide who the final two people are and the reunion with a hot seat format. There's also another very interesting surprise — we'll see how people react to it — and our new Bachelor [Ben] will also be there.

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Is the twist from last year's going to remain?
  I don't think it's going to change. Our thinking is that just because you know what's going to happen, you still don't know what your partner will decide. It's going to be interesting, maybe a little more interesting, with them knowing what's coming.

Who are you most looking forward to talking to?
Harrison:  Gia, Jake, Kasey and Vienna — although I don't know how much our fans want to hear from them anymore. I feel like I'm going to have my hands full.