Brad Womack Brad Womack

Dag, maybe they should change the name to The Women Yell All.

Last night, Bachelor Brad Womack's harem of exes reconvened for the beloved bitchfest known as The Women Tell All, and it took all of 28 minutes — including the pec-filled, required-by-law recap clips — for the ladies to start hurling the hater-tots. Prime target: venomous vixen Michelle. It was kind of tasty, mostly because fans have been waiting for her comeuppance since the first time she opened her mouth and all that nasty came pouring out.

Up until the night she got the boot, girlfriend devoted most of her screen time to trashing the other contestants and telling Brad that they all needed to go. So when the single mom with the two faces finally faced her former cast mates, of course the claws came out. And they went hard. Artist Jackie compared her to a spider ("you're kind of creepy and people are afraid of you"), bartender Stacey called her out for setting a bad example for her daughter, and food writer Britt wasn't having even a second of Michelle's excuses that she was just being "sarcastic" and was there "for the right reasons." To avoid the onslaught, the season's certifiable villain played the weepy "I can't breathe" card, prompting Chris Harrison to shut down these angry villagers in low-cut dresses before they tried to draw and quarter her.

Granted, there were some who came to Michelle's defenses (including Brad, who claimed that she didn't have a malicious bone in her body), and surely it can't be easy to have your attitude handed back to you on national TV. But she had to know that this was coming... and that she deserved it.

Or did she? Were the Women too rough on Michelle? Or should they have dropped in a steel cage and let the ladies throw down even more?

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