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Bachelor in Paradise: The Internet Roasted the Heck Out of Robby

The highlight of the premiere was how much everyone made fun of JoJo's runner-up

Liam Mathews

After JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette ended last year, most of us pretty much forgot all about her runner-up, former professional swimmer Robby Hayes. He never entered the conversation as a potential Bachelor because he just wasn't very popular. People thought he was phony and narcissistic because of his artificially white teeth and preposterously perfect hair. Most of us kind of filed him away in our memories.

Until he came back for the Bachelor in Paradiseseason premiere. Then we remembered how much fun it is to clown on Robby Swim Trunks.

Twitter was merciless and hilarious with its jokes at Robby's expense. He got called a Ken doll (he's not even one of those new hipster Kens; he's a traditional Ken doll) like 50,000 times. Even the show made fun of him, changing his job title to "social media influencer," which he called himself during the episode, causing Raven to roll her eyes off the beach into the ocean during the episode. It ruled.

Here are the best jokes at Robby's expense from the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise.

When Raven made fun of him about being a "social media influencer" after their date, everyone was like "YAAAAAS!"

There was a whole sub-section of jokes about him being a Ken doll.

The premiere was a frustrating episode overall, but this was classic BiP fun.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.