Bachelor in Paradise is almost over, which means it was make-or-break time on Monday for a lot of the couples that have been holding it down on the beach this season. With the guys' appointments with Neil Lane to pick-out engagement rings just around the corner, each couple really needed to talk about where they were at and whether they were ready to slip a ring on it at that final rose ceremony. In typical Paradise fashion, some dudes stepped up to the plate and others crumbled under the pressure. Spoiler alert: Some of the couples that braved the storm will surprise you.

Let's break it down.

Jordan & Jenna

Paradise has really been on a roll with the weird dates this season. Jordan and Jenna didn't have to crash a 15-year old's Quinceanera or hang out with a shaman, but they were forced to have an engagement and wedding photoshoot. Jordan was excited to pull out his model looks, but Jenna was a normal human who was freaked out by the idea of putting on a wedding dress for a guy she met a couple of weeks ago. Jordan managed to soothe her commitment fears though and actually showed the charm that we've been told he possesses but haven't actually seen. No, really. I think I became a fan of Jordan and it worries me. Good job, dude. He even kept it cool when Robby showed up and made a play for his girl.

Jenna made the safest choice for us all and turned Robby down. He ended up on a date with Shu... leaving Jordan and Jenna in pretty good shape heading into the final episode.

Joe & Kendall

Listen, no one on this freakin' beach deserves Joe. He has the patience of a saint and has stayed steady while Kendall jerked him around all season. Since the two haven't had a chance to go on a real date on their own, Joe tried to talk to Kendall about what she was thinking about their relationship potential outside of Paradise and if she'd be okay with him getting down on one knee in the end. Instead of just telling him she wasn't ready to go that far, she brushed it off as a joke and decided to go sleep off "feeling weird." Girl, get it together. Either you're in this or you're not. You've had enough time to figure it out.

It took Kendall 24 hours to finally give Joe the answers he deserved and ugh. UGH. She finally revealed what we've suspected all along: she's not into him on the level that he's into her. It was awesome for Joe to finally call her out on her wishy-washy crap, but it was really unfortunate that Jenna waited until the last rose ceremony to tell him that it was never going to get where he wanted to go. This is one of the dumbest things to ever happen on this show, especially since she decided to regret letting him go ONCE HE WAS OFF THE BEACH. Dear Joe, please return next season and be the king of paradise! Thousands of girls are ready to shop that produce, if you know what I mean.

Kevin & Astrid

After Kevin's panic attack about commitment a couple of weeks ago and weathering the awkwardness of watching his ex get engaged right in front of him, Kevin and Astrid seemed to be the most stable and committed couple on the beach. However, Kevin had another anxiety attack when Chris Harrison announced it was fantasy suite decision time. Astrid rightfully stormed off in a "WTF" huff, because come on, bro. You knew this was coming and blindsided her when she's asked you over and over how you feel. This was legitimately the most shocking breakup of the entire season and I can't believe it went down like this. Give me this after show interview right now!

You know, in hindsight Kevin deserved to watch his ex get engaged right in front of him.

Annaliese & Kamil

For a moment it looked like Kamil was going to cave under Annaliese's idealistic pressure. He admitted that she's ready to go to the next level and he's not, but he still decided to ask her to the fantasy suite. That means there's still at least another episode of her talking about how she thinks they are going to get engaged at the end of this. And I can't even say they won't? That feels insane, but this show is insane, so whatever. Let's watch that crazy mess go down.

John & Olivia

It seems like Paradise player John has finally found his girl, which was bad news for Diggy, who was hoping to get Olivia's final rose. There was an awfully awkward trumpeter moment as Diggy saw his chances of going to a Paradise fantasy suite being scuttled away with the crabs. John and Olivia are cute though, and their nerdy romance warms my heart. They admitted that they're not on a level to go to the fantasy suite and all that entails, so they left to see how things work outside of Paradise. I honestly hope it works out.

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Cassandra & New Zealand Jordan

Poor Cassandra wanted to keep talking to New Zealand Jordan even if they didn't go the fantasy suite, but he shut that down in a pretty harsh fashion. It's sad, because Cassandra is really smart and a great catch. Come back sooner next season and get you a man Week 1!

Chris & Krystal

If you had told me at the beginning of this season that Chris and Krystal would head into the finale as one of the most solid couples I would have snort-laughed. Ever since their controversial get together though, they've weathered storms and headed into the fantasy suite as one of the most grounded couples of the entire show.

Bachelor in Paradise concludes Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 8/7c on ABC.