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Is Emily a lock to win The Bachelor?

It's only a month into the new season of ABC's dating competition, and already there seems to be a clear frontrunner for Brad Womack's heart. Emily Maynard, the blonde Southern belle who lost her previous fiancé to a plane crash and found out days later that she was carrying their child, has been getting the lion's share of attention from Brad — and ruffling the other women's feathers in the process.

During a packed group date on the January 31 episode, Brad agitated his harem by pulling Emily aside for multiple tête-à-têtes, prompting cast member Chantal O'Brien to complain, "It's hard to feel like you're not some creepy person just watching Brad and Emily on a date all night."

Still, it may be a tad premature to order his-n-hers towels just yet, warns host Chris Harrison. "It was obvious Brad had an instant connection with Emily," he says. "But they have a long way to go. Brad will continue to struggle with Emily's past — and they haven't even dealt with the fact that she has a daughter."

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