As sublime a tearjerker as it was, 1998's Babe: Pig in the City didn't bring home the box-office bacon that its predecessor did. But, according to E.G. Daily — the voice of the porcine protagonist — that little piggy still may be coming back to a multiplex near you.

"There was talk [about another sequel] a while back," she tells TV Guide Online. And if the pig flies, she'll be as eager to sign up as a hog is to chow down. "I'd do it in a heartbeat!"

In the meantime, Daily hopes that director George Miller will be cleared of charges that he made Pig in the City too bleak for children. "After they edited it, it wound up being darker than it was originally," asserts the actress, an on-camera mainstay in 1980s teen flicks such as Valley Girl. "If they'd released a director's version, it would've been better.

"It's still a piece of art," she adds. "It is dark. But I think it's a masterpiece."

Having mouthed off as cartoon toddler Tommy Pickles not only on TV, but in two successful Rugrats features, Daily understands the challenge of making a second picture first-rate, and totally empathizes with her roasted Pig in the City director.

"The scary thing about a sequel is, sometimes you can stray too far from the original," she observes. "Or you can try too hard to make it like the first one and end up sabotaging it."

Thus, the sometime singer (whose latest lite-pop platter is available through her website) hesitates to guess whether another Babe installment would make youngsters feel like pigs in slop. "I never know what's going to catch on," she insists. "I didn't even know Tommy Pickles was going to be famous!"