Question: It's my b-day today, so can you give me some scoop on Heroes?

Answer: Have you seen this cool new Heroes fansite? If not, happy birthday!

And on that note, another edition of Ask Ausiello comes to a close. You won't be scoopless for long, though, since I'm jetting off to Los Angeles for the perfect storm of the winter press tour and the Golden Globes. For breaking news from both events, stay tuned to the Ausiello Report all next week, as well as Ask Ausiello on Wednesday. In the meantime, head on over to the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread to compare notes about this week's column and argue about whose turn it is to send me a case of Diet Raspberry Snapple at the Ritz Carlton, Huntington Hotel & Spa, 1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue, Pasadena, Calif., 91106. I check in tomorrow afternoon; please schedule any/all deliveries accordingly.