Aziz Ansari stopped by The Tonight ShowWednesday to promote his new Netflix series, Master of None, but it was his impression of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal that really stole the show.

Mocking the Republican presidential candidate's polling numbers, which are hovering around 2 percent, Ansari's Jindal debuted his new campaign slogan: "Taste the Fat." "You ever taste 1 percent milk? It's barely milk. It's like drinking white water. But, man, you start dumping that 2 percent milk on your Apple Jacks, it's like pow! You can taste the fat."

Ansari also skewered Jindal's denial of global warming ("I'm the only candidate that doesn't believe in any science, period") and views on his rival Donald Trump's campaign spending.

Check out the skit below, and someone get Ansari on Saturday Night Live, STAT.