<EM>Laguna Beach</EM> Laguna Beach

Awww, man. And I was doing so well dodging this reality soap that dared to mock my beloved O.C. Then MTV went and released the first season on DVD and now I'm so plugged into the drama that I'm practically Kristin's BFF. Or maybe Lauren's. I'm not sure. They're both so biyotchy hot, you know? It's so hard having to chose between buds, especially since they're all hatin' on each other over that playa Stephen. And now that they're home for Christmas break, Season 2 is kickin' it mad style. LC's ditched college for her beachy-keen life back in Newport; Kristin's got a new dude; Jessica is dating a Jake Gyllenhaal-y bad boy named Jason and there's a fresh slew of juniors ready to show the seniors a thing or two. Like how to throw a bangin' party while their highlighted upperclass-menaces play poker and harsh on Jessica's man. Or where to find the $600 for a pair of trashy Christian Dior kicks. But what I need to know is how long the Laguna grads will be sticking around town, because as much as I'm praying that new-girl Casey and her Xtina extensions is our next hateful of hatefulness, I'd dig having last year's kids around we love you, Trey! to watch them grow up. Though if LC and Stephen don't play it safe, they could end up hot-tubbing their way into a very adult predicament, ya hear?