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Our A to Z Guide to MTV's Awkward

Our ultimate A to Z guide for both the loyal fan and the newbie viewer!

Robyn Ross

Unlike high school, Awkward'sreturn from spring break seems like it'll never get here.

From Season 1's "carefrontation letter" to the endless amount of Tamara-ims, there's a lots of lingo to learn and a ton to know about the teens of Palos Hills High. So, to hold you over while the MTV show gears up for its final season, we've come up with the ultimate A to Z guide for both the loyal fan and the newbie viewer. In the words of Sadie Saxton: You're welcome.

A is for Awkward.: Need we say more?

B is for BFGFBFF: Boyfriend Girlfriend Best Friends Forever which is essentially the dream for Tamara.


C is for Carefrontation letter: The anonymous note that Jenna received in the pilot, which contained a list of suggestions like "Stop being a pussy or pitiful." The Season 1 finale revealed the author to be Jenna's mom.

D is for DTR: The "talk" a couple needs to have in order to "define the relationship."

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E is for Engaged: That's what Tamara is after accepting a fling's proposal on spring break.

F is for Flirtationship: The early stage for a soon-to-be couple.

G is for Gabby: Matty's girlfriend, whom Jake -- spoiler alert -- sleeps with in the Season 4 finale.

H is for Hamil-nicknames: These are used interchangeably for Jenna. Examples include: Hamiltoe, Hamil-trash Hamiltamp and Hamiltart.

I is for I Am Jenna: The name of Jenna's blog that also serves as the show's narration.

J is for Jesus 2.0: This is the name for Lissa's renewed faith in God in Season 5, according to star Greer Grammer

K is for Knick-Knackers: A group of adult mean girls Lacey used to want to join.

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L is for Lady Business: Often the subject of conversation, especially when embarrassing Jenna.

M is for Ming: Jenna and Tamara's best friend who transferred schools after Season 3 -- when the actress left the show.

N is for Nancy Drew: A term for investigating, like when Tamara and Ming were determined to find proof in Matty's room that he wrote the carefrontation letter.

O is for Orgasm: Pretty much the theme of the Season 4 premiere.

P is for Palos Hills High School: The school all the characters attend.

Q is for Queen Bee-atches: The name of an episode where we first see the vulnerable side of Sadie (and how much her mother sucks).

R is for Ricky Schwartz: The ex of both Tamara and Sadie who dies from a peanut allergy. RIP!


S is Skitch: A skanky bitch, obviously.



T is for Titans: The name of the school mascot, proudly displayed on those cheer uniforms.


U is for Uber: How the characters give emphasis to anything. Examples: uber-tragic or uber-klempt.

V is for V-card: Matty took Jenna's during the summer before the series begins.

W is for Wasted: Because let's be honest, nothing good happens when the gang get their drink on.


X is for X-Ray: Which Jenna presumably got when she broke her arm in the pilot.

Y is for You're Welcome: Because we can't hear the two words without picturing this:


Z is for Zygote: Spoiler alert! There's one growing inside Lacey.

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