Question: You are the most awesome person ever and I really think you deserved that week off. Now, can you please give me some information on One Tree Hill?


Actually, the sad truth is that after all of the hubbub, I was only off for one measly day. But with the Labor Day holiday factored in, I just wasn't able to turn out a new AA that I could be proud of, so I skipped a week. (In case you hadn't noticed, the quality bar for AA has been set pretty gosh-darn high.) But here's your OTH dirt: The pregnant-teen-to-be-named-later is going to have another secret to hide after the guy she has a quickie with (someones got to be the daddy, right?) goes from a one-night stand to someone shell see every morning... at school. Also, Peytons surprise half-brother brother? Not at all what he seems.