Contestants on Sci Fi's surprise reality hit, Mad Mad House, would go pale if they ever bumped into their endearing and diverse hosts in a dark alley. But the "alts" themselves can't get enough of one another. In fact, resident naturist Avocado tells TV Guide Online that, although production wrapped ages ago, he still often lets vampire Don turn him into a creature of the night. "Last time we hung out, we went to a goth club — that's his scene, you know? You go out at 2 am and you're out until 5. But we really hit it off."

The money-grubbing "normal" folks with whom Avocado & Co. bunked weren't nearly so easily won over. However, the frequent birthday-suit model soon learned that the way to their minds was through their stomachs. "I made a lot of raw foods for them — stuff that was incredibly tasty and nutritious," says the off-screen author of Eating for Beauty. "By the 10th episode, there was a dramatic shift [in the menu], because everybody wanted my food! I ended up not even being able to eat, because people kept grabbing my food!"

Consequently, Avocado is considering approaching the Food Network about doing its first "uncooking show." In the meantime, he will continue writing books on nutrition under his given name. That is, the name given to him by his cousin, not his birth name, David Wolfe. "About 10 years ago, when we got into the whole raw-food thing, we thought, 'We have to have names for ourselves,'" he relates. "Once you get into that kind of lifestyle, you can't really stay with the same old identity. So he named me Fats Avocado."

Though Avocado cut the Fats after awhile, his cousin hung onto his new moniker: "He was the Raw Courage Vegetable Man, and he still goes by R.C.," he says, adding with a laugh, "I'm sure a cop [pulling him over and looking at his driver's license] would get a kick out of that one!"

(New episodes of Mad Mad House premiere every Thursday night at 9 ET.)