For better or worse... Wait. No, actually, just for better: Samantha Lombardi doesn't have a big sister in the music biz to pave the way for her. But the 15-year-old Australian — think Avril Lavigne but with rock on the brain, not rocks in her head — clearly has friends in high places. The proof: Her radio-ready debut album, Take Your Pic (which drops in May), features raucous and catchy tunes written by no less than Nine Inch Nails and Paul Stanley of KISS.

"When I first got the songs, I was really excited — I mean, those guys are

huge!" Lombardi exclaims to TV Guide Online. "But I was nervous, too, because I didn't wanna screw 'em up. I didn't want them to hear me singing their songs and think, 'Yeah, it sounds all right.' I wanted them to kick ass!"

Mission accomplished, and then some. On swinging singles-to-be like the star-crossed love song "Black Hole" and the kiss-off anthem "I'm Over You," the self-professed Mariah Carey fan distinguishes herself from TRL's brat pack by emitting a true rebel's yell. She's even got the stones to tackle Heart's classic "Barracuda" — and the chops to nail it.

"Of course, I had heard it a few times before recording it," Lombardi says. "But in the end, I think it was kinda good that I didn't know the song back to front [in its original incarnation], so I could put my own spin on it without doing it exactly how Nancy Wilson does."

Now, with her admission to the pop pantheon just around the corner, the soft-spoken, hard-wailing sometime songwriter has had to begin searching for a new goal, and she just may have found it. So don't be surprised if 20 years from now, you're reading about another up-and-comer, this one discussing the ecstasy and anxiety of covering a Lombardi original.

"That'd be incredible, to hear one of my songs redone when I'm an old granny," she says, adding with a laugh, "Or maybe before then! I'd love for someone to say a title of a song that I wrote in 20 years and just know that it was written by me! Yeah, I'd like to write my own 'Barracuda.' Actually, I hope to write five of 'em!"

For a preview of Take Your Pic, visit Lombardi's website.