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Arsenio Hall may have fallen off the radar before he won The Celebrity Apprentice in May. But now the 56-year-old comic who once revolutionized late night will continue to blaze his comeback trail with a new nightly syndicated talk show set to debut next year. Here are some things he said that made us go hmmm.

TV Guide Magazine: Is there anything from your reality-TV experience that you'll bring to the new show?
Magic Johnson once told me, "Sometimes your show was better in the green room than it was on the couch. It was like a club." So I'd like to create a reality aspect this time around. I'll put cameras in the hallway, in the limo and in the green room. I'm a Twitter head, so the social media will be off the hook. I'm not the guy with a yellow legal pad who won't get an iPad. I want the next s--t today.

TV Guide Magazine: You were the first successful African-American host in late night. Who did you think would be next?
Hall: I thought it was a slam dunk when Fox gave Wanda Sykes [a show in 2009]. I was
politicking to get that once-a-week slot. When she got it I thought, "I'm going to be a soccer dad forever. She cannot fail." I thought she was smart and funny. When that one didn't work, that surprised me.

TV Guide Magazine: You changed the rules for politicians when you had Bill Clinton on your show, playing the saxophone, in 1992. Did you see President Obama slow-jam the news with Jimmy Fallon?
If I had told you 17 years ago that our president would do some LL Cool J slow-jam type rap with a late-night host, you would have sent me to Dr. Drew.

TV Guide Magazine: What did you think of Donald Trump saying he wasn't racist because he named you the winner of The Celebrity Apprentice?
There goes my NAACP Image Award!

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