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Brace Yourself for Arrow Stars' Touching Photos From Last Days on Set

Prepare to cry, Arrow fans

Lindsay MacDonald

We're only about halfway through the final season of Arrow, but the stars of The CW's hit series are way ahead of us. Production on the series finale started last week, and thanks to some very emotional social media posts, we know a few cast members have already wrapped entirely.

Stephen Amell has been carefully documenting his progress through the final episode as he bids farewell to costumes, co-stars, and more. The first, and perhaps most surprising, of his posts came when he tweeted that he'd wrapped with most of the major characters on the show. "Just wrapped my final scene with David Ramsey. And just like that... I've wrapped with every series regular on the show. Holy s---."

We'll try to somehow not get emotional about the fact that the final scene between Oliver and Diggle is officially in the can. It does raise a question, though: With a whole week of filming still left, who exactly is Amell filming with if not any of the series regulars? Emily Bett Rickards, perhaps?

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Amell also announced he'd officially suited up as the Green Arrow for the last time, posting a photo of himself in that beloved green leather getup and writing, "Tonight is the last night I wear the Arrow suit." When you pair that with a final photo of the salmon ladder (from which his adorable daughter swings), it feels like we're saying goodbye to all of Arrow's greatest hits!

And finally, when the last day of filming was done, Amell announced that he had officially wrapped, tweeting, "Words can't even begin to express what Arrow has meant to me. Best 8 years of my life. The cast and crew of the show have become my family. I'm going to miss them. I'm wrapped."

David Ramsey, the only other actor who has been a series regular on the show from beginning to end, also took the time to show his thanks for the years Arrow has given him. "During my last week on Arrow, a lot of things fill my mind... but mostly family," Ramsey captioned a group photo of the cast and crew on Instagram.

Katie Cassidy also bid farewell to the show with a sweet photo of Team Arrow (both past and future) in the Arrow cave together getting giggly between takes. Cassidy wrote, "#ARROW my fam bam! The amount of love and respect I have for this brilliant cast is insane. I couldn't imagine the long nights with anyone else. I can't believe it's coming to the end. You all have inspired me in so many ways and I'm blessed to have been apart [sic] of this incredible journey. Thank you all for being you. I love you dearly!"

Colton Haynes, who has appeared as Roy Harper on-and-off for all eight seasons (and is well known for social media posts that make you ugly cry), paid tribute to the show on its final days of filming.

"Today is the last day on Arrow. The last day I will get to go to work with these beautiful humans on a show that gave me so much. These ppl were with me through all the good & sad times & helped me through more than I can ever repay them for. Thank you @gberlanti for bringing me on this wonderful journey & to all the incredible writers, producers, cast, crew, & FANS for being so incredible all these yrs," Haynes wrote.

And yes, we're well aware this implies Roy will be in the series finale, and we're more than stoked about that.

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Juliana Harkavy, who has played Dinah Drake for the last four seasons, posted a teary photo of herself on the day she first got the news she'd booked a role on Arrow. "Today begins our last week on Arrow. As thankful as I felt the day this photo was taken, nothing could describe how much that love and gratitude has grown. I am so proud of our cast, crew, writers, and producers. I hope you enjoy this final season. And I hope when you look back, you'll find this story has moved you, inspired you, and changed you for the better. Because of #Arrow, I have been changed, for good. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

As for Arrow's next generation, Katherine McNamara did not disappoint with her tribute to the series. Though new to the series in Season 7, McNamara was no less grateful to be part of the Arrow family.

"I can't believe the final day of Arrow is upon us," McNamara wrote in a post on Instagram. "When I began this job I was poised and ready, excited to jump in and take on a legacy of being Olicity's kid -- to create such a rich, conflicted character based on a beloved relationship built by two brilliant actors for whom I have so much respect. What I found was a family who welcomed me in -- cast, crew, and creatives who joined and supported my enthusiasm in bringing Mia Smoak-Queen to life. I have nothing but love and gratitude to the entire Arrow family and the fandom for making this such a wonderful chapter of my career and of my life. No matter what the future holds, long live Star City."

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Executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Beth Schwartz also penned a farewell message on the last day of production, writing, "It's hard to believe that today is here: the final day of production on Arrow. We are so incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for helping us bring this small show to life. What this show has accomplished is no small feat. Eight seasons. One hundred and seventy episodes. A multiverse of TV shows. The biggest crossovers in television history. One incredible journey from beginning to end. All thanks to you and the countless others that have been a part of this show. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of Arrow's final story. It has been an honor."

As for those gone but not forgotten, Colin Donnell, who has reprised his role as Tommy Merlyn many times over the years, despite the character having been killed off in the Season 1 finale, penned a heart-warming Twitter thread about his time on the series.

"Today is the last day of filming for #Arrow. I still remember what I was wearing for my audition, what the room was like, my mind being blown that I was cast, my first flight to Vancouver, walking into my first hotel room, the first fitting," Donnell wrote. "Thanks for all the memories and for all the fun and to all of my #Arrow family, especially @StephenAmell, Congratulations on a most amazing run."

Arrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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