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We Know Arrow's Series Finale Title, and We're Not Crying, You're Crying

The end is officially in sight

Lindsay MacDonald

We may still have a ways to go before the curtain closes on Arrow for good, but the series' ending may as well be written in stone. Executive producers Marc Guggenhiem and Beth Schwartz have shared a tease of the series finale script, and it's enough to get any fan emotional.

The series finale is titled "Fadeout," no doubt a play on the action line in most scripts that signals a scene or episode coming to an end, but this time, it's the series that launched The CW's entire superhero universe (and jump-started the recent wave of superhero-themed programming across TV) that is coming to a close. The tenth and final episode of Arrow Season 8 was written by Guggenheim and Schwartz and will be directed by James Bamford, who helmed some of Arrow's biggest and baddest episodes. According to the title page Guggenheim and Schwartz shared on Twitter, the series finale will begin shooting on Oct. 31 and the curtain will close forever on Arrow on Nov. 13 (though not for fans, obviously).

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Guggenheim previously told TVLine that he'd settled on what the final scene of the series would be as early as August, saying, "I came out of meditation one morning and I had the whole last scene -- and it's a brand-new scene... There are a lot of logistical hurdles that have to be crossed in order to shoot that scene. It's not like we can just film it tomorrow."

The mind races at what this scene could possibly be -- and whether it, in fact, made it into the final version of the script -- but when the adventure does come to an end, whether Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) survives or not, it will have been a hell of a ride.

Arrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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​Stephen Amell, Arrow

Stephen Amell, Arrow

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