Arrow is finally going to give viewers everything they've ever wanted this week: an Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) sex scene. And even though the circumstances surrounding the hookup aren't exactly romantic (unless attempted murder and nefarious scheming do it for you), the tryst will surely leave fans satisfied - particularly when Felicity says a few little words that she's hoping will change everything for Oliver.

Get more scoop on Oliver and Felicity's hookup, plus six other things to expect from Arrow's final four episodes of the season:

1. Thea might never be the same: After Thea (Willa Holland) was stabbed by Ra's al Ghul (Matt Nable), Oliver realizes he has no choice but to place his sister in Nanda Parbat's Lazarus Pit this week. However, the Pit's powers of resurrection come with a few serious consequences. "We sort of established very clearly that the Lazarus Pit returns you, but not always in the condition in which you left," executive producer Marc Guggenheim said. "So there's a lot of stories to be told with Thea and her recovery."

2. Roy will be back to say goodbye: Three weeks after faking his death, Roy (Colton Haynes) will return to say goodbye to Thea in the penultimate episode (airing May 6). "Certainly, we owed the audience some closure for this three-season-long love story between these two characters," Guggenheim said.

3. Team Arrow gets a new lair: Since Lance's raid last week, Team Arrow has found themselves homeless. Thankfully, Ray is kind enough to offer his assistance in housing the vigilante organization. "You're going to see them hanging out a great deal in Palmer Technologies," Guggenheim said. We'll also get to see one final appearance of the lair in theApril 29 episode.

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4. Oliver and Felicity's hookup comes with a twist: Oliver and Felicity are going to do the deed in Nanda Parbat, but you'll never guess who pushes Felicity to finally go there - or how it ends. And once Felicity makes up her mind, she doesn't hold anything back. "One of the things that I keep seeing on the Internet is, 'Well, Felicity's never told Oliver that she loves him,' and that was very deliberate," Guggenheim says. "We were holding that back this season in the same way we were holding back them sleeping together."

5. Oliver will reconnect with his dark side: Team Arrow won't take Oliver's decision to join the League of Assassins lightly, but his choice will become even harder to bear in the April 29 episode. The emotional episode "is a villain-of-the-week episode. It just so happens the villain of the week is Oliver," Guggenheim revealed.

6. Nyssa is in trouble: Oliver joining the League has huge consequences for Nyssa (Katrina Law), particularly when the organization sets its sights on her in the April 29 episode. Luckily, Nyssa will have the protection of Laurel (Katie Cassidy), as well as the remaining members of Team Arrow. And through all these trials and tribulations, viewers will get to learn more about Ra's mysterious daughter. "Not in terms of backstory, but in terms of how she reacts to things and how she's dealing with life post-[Ra's offer to Oliver]," said Guggenheim.

7. Team Arrow will soldier on: What is Team Arrow anymore? That is one of the questions the group will struggle with after losing Oliver and Roy. "There's a real trinity formed between Laurel, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity. And they're all sort of leaning on each other and they're processing things in different ways," Guggenheim said. While Laurel distracts herself by trying to save Starling City and Felicity struggles with her grief over Oliver's departure, the April 29 episode will "really [upend] Diggle's world, certainly vis-a-vis Oliver," Guggenheim said. "That's something that will certainly have repercussions in the remainder of the season."

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