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Get spoilers on all this season's biggest finales

2015 Finale Preview, Arrow
1 of 36 Cate Cameron/The CW

Arrow (The CW)

Airs: Wednesday, May 13 at 8/7c

Before Brandon Routh heads off to the potential Arrow-Flash spin-off, Ray Palmer will play a major role in Arrow's season finale. The episode will feature a touching exchange between Ray and Felicity, whose romance is done for good, according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim. But Ray and Felicity aren't the only ones getting some resolution. Malcolm and Thea will also find closure after quite a tumultuous season. However, not every story line is going to be wrapped up nicely. "[The finale] ends on a cliff-hanger again… but not the kind of cliff-hanger like, 'Is he going to live?' or "Is he not going to live?' " Guggenheim teases. In fact, the episode will even reveal who the Big Bad of Season 4 will be!

2 of 36 Michael Ansell/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Airs: Thursday, May 7 at 8/7c

Hard to believe, but it's been five years since Amy and Sheldon went on their first date, and Amy is unsurprisingly pushing her beau for more once again on the Season 8 finale. But before he takes the next step with Amy, Sheldon pushes Leonard and Penny to take their next step: setting a wedding date. "Sheldon has progress and relationships on his mind and wants to know just in fact why Leonard and Penny going so slow," executive producer Steve Molaro tells us. "If they're an example of who's progressing, why don't they have a wedding date?" By episode's end, all four will "make life-changing and series-changing decisions about their relationships," Molaro teases.

3 of 36 Virginia Sherwood/NBC

The Blacklist (NBC)

Airs: Thursday, May 14 at 9/8c

Red and Liz will find themselves in a desperate situation, thanks to a Blacklister who "is tethered to the Cabal," creator Jon Bokenkamp says. Meanwhile, now that all of Liz's preconceptions about her real name and her upbringing have been upended, she's left to discover who she really is. As for her erstwhile fake husband Tom, most of his secrets will be laid bare, which could help to rebuild his relationship with Liz. "I think Tom Keen would like nothing more than to go on a date and have a glass of wine and have a nice, normal conversation," Bokenkamp says. "She recognizes how screwed up he is and unhealthy he is for her, and yet there's something within him that perhaps she thinks is a glimmer of hope." By the end, "We're going to get a big answer about what happened that night of the fire... and some truths about the nature of her relationship with Red." Plus: One major twist in the story will lay the groundwork for Season 3.

4 of 36 John Paul Filo/CBS

​Blue Bloods (CBS)

Airs: Friday, May 1 at 10/9c

The two-part finale kicks off on April 24, when one of Frank's department buddies gets assassinated and the murder is traced back to a gang led by Mario Hunt (guest star Method Man). "[There's] a gang that is out there where even the Crips and the Bloods go, 'These guys are outta line,'" executive producer Kevin Wade says. When one of the Reagans gets shot at the end of the episode, the May 1 finale will find Danny trying to bring the culprit to justice without going above the law. "It's a matter of how do you go out and police [when] you'd like to go out like an invading army, but you have to go out to respect, protect and serve," Wade says. "The tools that [the Reagans] have are natural talents but were also prescribed by their bosses. … That becomes part of the conflict."

5 of 36 Adam Taylor/FOX

​Bones (Fox)

Airs: Thursday, June 4 at 8/7c

Sorry, Bones fans, but there's at least one thing you're not going to get in this finale. "[Booth and Brennan's] baby won’t be born this season," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "We figured we’ve been down that road, and I don’t think we could have a better birth than we had for Christine." Instead, look for Booth and Brennan to wrestle with the repercussions of Booth's gambling relapse (and his lies about it) while also tracking a murderer who strongly evokes the memory of serial killer nemesis Pelant. And even though the show's up-in-the-air renewal prevented it from doing a big cliff-hanger, viewers should prepare for a possibly less-than-happy ending. "We can leave the in a place that seems quite happy but is not necessarily free of tension and apprehension," Nathan says. "So it’s not really a cliff-hanger, but there is a cliff."

6 of 36 Eddy Chen/FOX

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

Airs: Sunday, May 17 at 8:30/7:30c

Call the police! We'd like to report a romance in progress. At long last, embattled detectives Jake and Amy will make good on their not-so-subtle flirtation. After another NYPD detective makes a move on Amy, Jake gets his chance to act when they work a case together. "There is a kiss," teases executive producer Dan Goor. "Kissing happens. There could be multiple. Lips will be locked." Meanwhile, Goor adds that "someone is leaving the Nine-Nine… but not leaving the show necessarily. It's not what the character wants." Also, expect Nick Cannon to return as Rosa's boyfriend Marcus, who will try to please the stone-faced detective, and an appearance by Kyra Sedgwick, who is sure to make a very unpopular "Wuntch date" with Holt.

7 of 36 Richard Cartwright/ABC

​Castle (ABC)

Airs: Monday, May 11 at 10/9c

As Beckett and Castle investigate a death in the woods, Castle is drawn back to a terrifying event in his childhood that has eerie similarities to the present-day case. "We get some answers as to why Castle became a mystery writer," says creator Andrew W. Marlowe, who co-wrote the episode. "We get to go way back into Castle's backstory. It opens up some old wounds and leads to a bit of an obsession. When we're facing demons from our past, there are always deadly consequences." (The show has cast Fringe's Lance Reddick and CSI's Wallace Langham in top-secret guest roles.) Meanwhile, Beckett will wrestle with "some very interesting choices as far as her career is concerned." Marlowe says. But the biggest mystery? The show's future. "If for some reason it ended up being the last Castle, it has some sense of conclusion, but the show also opens up a lot of avenues of storytelling," Marlowe says.

8 of 36 Elizabeth Morris/NBC

​Chicago Fire (NBC)

Airs: Tuesday, May 12 at 10/9c

Get ready for the long-awaited showdown between Casey and Chicago P.D.'sVoight, when Casey's new construction gig at Stilletto's gets him on the inside of an investigation. "There is a sense of some impropriety going on and [that] Casey is the legitimate front of a shady organization he wants to clear out but... Voight comes to Casey and says, 'I need you. We've been trying to get people in there and this guy likes you,'" showrunner Matt Olmstead tells us. Casey reluctantly agrees to work with Voight. "So there's a collaboration/confrontation between the two and what they anticipate is going on at Stilletto's — they've sold it far short in terms of what's going really on there," Olmstead says. "There's a major cliff-hanger in terms of the ramifications that land on Casey for being involved or cooperating with the cops."

9 of 36 Matt Dinerstein/NBC

​Chicago P.D. (NBC)

Airs: Wednesday, May 20 at 10/9c

No fatalities this time around, showrunner Matt Olmstead promises! But that crossover death we told you about will seriously affect Lindsay's future. "The enormity of the loss and what she's going through might make it real easy to go over to the other the side of the tracks and start having drinks with her mom. A part of her thinks, 'This is where I belonged to begin with,' so it's a fork in the road," Olmstead says. After Burgess gets a taste in intelligence thanks to an Atwater screw-up, she finds herself regretting giving up that spot awhile back. Of course with Ruzek and her being a couple, Olmstead says, "That leads towards one of the cliff-hangers [where] Ruzek has to make a decision: 'What's my commitment to Burgess and do I want to advance things and take her off the market? Or do I not?'"

10 of 36 CBS

Criminal Minds (CBS)

Airs: Wednesday, May 6 at 9/8c

The online predators from the premiere who were thisclose to kidnapping Meg in February will do the deed, and it'll be all hands on deck to rescue Kate's niece. "The end of Episode 22 [the week before] will have a cliff-hanger," executive producer Erica Messer tells us. "You learn in the finale that it was still on Kate's radar and a little on Hotch's as well. Neither of them really let it go after the premiere." While the finale will be a "fast ride," it will end on a positive note without a cliff-hanger. "We rarely do [cliff-hangers] anymore. I feel like the finale's a reward for everyone who watched the whole season to feel like we really went out with a bang and to let everyone go out breathing instead of holding their breath," Messer says. Part of that will include JJ revealing that she's pregnant (A.J. Cook is pregnant in real life), which means Henry will be a big brother!

11 of 36 Sonja Flemming, CBS

CSI: Cyber(CBS)

Airs: Wednesday, May 13 at 9/8c

The two-hour finale kicks off with an episode that drills down on Shad Moss' Nelson Brody and his family. "You get a glimpse of his past with them," executive producer Pam Veasey says. "It's endearing and explains who he is as a young man, and what happened for him to become a hacker." The theme of family continues in the second hour — entitled "Family Secrets" — which features major revelations about Krumitz, who confronts the man who killed his parents, and leading lady Avery Ryan. "There's a lot of things that come out, but it doesn't pull them team apart," Veasey says. "It makes them stronger." But most importantly, the finale solves a big mystery from Avery's past. "We meet her hacker," Veasey says. "It's exciting to come to that answer so quickly and not wait years or months. It brings closure, but it opens a can of worms personally for her and introduces aspects of her life that we have not told the audience about. It expands her world an opens a lot of questions in her personal life."

12 of 36 Jeff Neumann/CBS

Elementary (CBS)

Airs: Thursday, May 14 at 10/9c

Holmes and Watson are on the case, and this time, it's personal. "Sherlock's longtime sponsor Alfredo goes missing," creator Rob Doherty explains. "It's possible something has happened to him. It's also possible that he's fallen off the wagon. Each possibility is very troubling to Sherlock for different reasons. While he and Joan set out to find Alfredo, he is pulled into a different missing persons case... that will put him in front of a lot of triggers for a recovering drug addict." Sherlock will also be compelled into a short-term alliance with a dangerous person we've met before. And although Joan stays with the police to work the case from that end, she can't shake the thought that Moriarty (who will only be referenced in the episode, alas!) may have a hand in her troubles yet again.

13 of 36 Giovanni Rufino/FOX

The Following (Fox)

Airs: Monday, May 18 at 8/7c

Look for things to go south in a big way for Ryan Hardy. “All this season we've been dealing with the question of … can we have a work life and can we have a family life, and how do we make those two things work together?” co-executive producer Brett Mahoney tells us. “In the finale, [Ryan] is going to find his answer to that question, and I don't think it's going to be the answer that he was hoping for or expecting.” That doesn’t bode well for Ryan’s relationship with Gwen, sadly. “That's what comes to a head,” Mahoney says. “Ryan’s obsession with Joe and obsession with the job vs. trying to have a three-dimensional life with Gwen. ... It's almost like Gwen is trying to pull him into the light, whereas Joe is trying to drag him into the darkness.” And of course, because this is The Following, not everyone will survive the season – and not everyone is what they seem. “There will be deaths,” Mahoney says. “And I will say, in the finale, one character's true nature will be revealed.”

14 of 36 Giovanni Rufino/ABC

Forever (ABC)

Airs:Tuesday, May 5 at 10/9c

Henry and Jo catch a case involving a dead museum curator who possessed an antique Roman dagger – the same dagger used in Adam's original death 2,000 years ago — setting up an epic showdown between the two immortals. Meanwhile, Henry will struggle with what to do with his own potentially life-ending weapon. When Abe discovers the gun's conceivable power, he is firmly against the idea of Henry using it – but will that be enough? "Because of his relationships, does he now have a renewed sense of life?" creator Matt Miller asks. And despite Henry getting closure with Amelia in the penultimate episode, things with Jo won't get any easier because of Henry's secrecy. "She's done nothing but support him and protect him, but eventually she has a breaking point," Miller says. "She needs to learn the truth about what happened or else it's going to cause a rift between them."

15 of 36 Michael Ansell/ABC

Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

Airs: Tuesday, April 21 at 8/7c

It's been a while since the Huangs moved to Orlando, and they're fitting in nicely... maybe too nicely. When young Evan has a question about Grandma, who only speaks Chinese, "Jessica starts to be concerned about if the kids are remembering their heritage," executive producer Nahnatchka Khan says. "Jessica feels the pressure of reminding them they're Taiwanese-American. She starts to try to re-Chinese-ify them." While assessing how far the Huangs have come, we'll revisit familiar faces from the restaurant, school and neighborhood, including the rollerblading ladies and Honey's family. As for Eddie, Khan teases, "he comes out in an unexpected, nice place."

16 of 36 Patrick Harbron/ABC

The Goldbergs (ABC)

Airs: Wednesday, May 13 at 8:30/7:30c

Can you feel the love this finale? The Season 2 closer will be all about saying "I love you" because, to the surprise of absolutely no one, uttering those words doesn't come naturally to Murray when he has to bid Erica adieu after she gets into a summer arts school. "My dad never said, 'I love you' to anyone," creator Adam F. Goldberg tells us. But he won't be the only one trying to declare his love. Barry will be saying it to Lainey and Adam to Dana. "It's a really sweet, heartwarming episodes," Goldberg says. So, will Murray say those three words? "I have a rule that Murray can never say two things: 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you.'"

17 of 36 Jeff Neumann/CBS

The Good Wife (CBS)

Airs: Sunday, May 10 at 9/8c

Now that Alicia's forced to resign from the State's Attorney office, she'll stay away from politics. Good thing because in the Season 6 closer, she'll get a suspicious call from a client, whom she discovers is being held in a top-secret police facility where people are detained without being booked. In related news, Canning (Michael J. Fox) will return. Or might this said client be Bishop? That'll certainly conveniently tie things into Kalinda's exit, which creators Robert and Michelle King promise will be more emotional than shocking like Will's death. And though she won't appear until Season 7, which hasn't yet been officially ordered, British actress Cush Jumbo will join the show in a hush-hush role. We're thinking Kalinda's replacement.

18 of 36 Jessica Miglio/FOX

Gotham (Fox)

Airs: Monday, May 4 at 8/7c

Creator Bruno Heller describes the first season-ender as "a big, boffo climax ending" that brings together all of this season's many threads. Viewers will see Nygma's full transition into the Riddler and may finally see the first hints of Bruce Wayne's batty alter ego. "Like many people do, Bruce discovers secrets about his parents he was not at all prepared for and make him doubt the foundation of his belief system and how he's been living his life," Heller says. "That leads to a stunning, life-changing discovery. He begins to understand that everyone has an inner shadow life, and that's the psychic trigger for his long journey forward." Also, look for Gordon, Penguin Maroni, Falcone and Fish Mooney to all cross paths in a spectacular collision not everyone will survive. "It wouldn't be a real showdown if everybody walked away from it, would it?" Heller says with a laugh. "Someone is not going to walk away from that."

19 of 36 Scott Green/NBC

Grimm (NBC)

Airs: Friday, May 15 at 8/7c

Portland is about to get pretty crowded. The Royals will converge on the city when Adalind's baby Diana hits town. "She's coming back ... in a slightly different form this time," executive producer David Greenwalt says. "Everybody wants to get their hands on her, and the Royals have brought out all the big guns for this." That's OK though since Nick will have two other Grimms -- his mom Kelly and Trubel -- backing him up. Meanwhile, Adalind is still very pregnant with Nick's kid, which new and "ruthless" Hexenbiest Juliette is not happy about. Expect at least two deaths, and the good guys may be more at risk than you think. Monroe will be fighting for his life when "one of his friends shoots him at one point," Greenwalt says. Executive producer Jim Kouf adds, "The captain will be shot again. We have to shoot the captain at the end of every season. It's kind of a thing now."

20 of 36 CBS

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

Airs: Friday, May 8 at 9/8c

Kono and Adam's trip down the aisle won’t be an obstacle-free one. “There are major complications on the way to the wedding,” executive producer Peter Lenkov tells us. “Literally we’re saving the island.” The episode will play out like a James Bond movie, Lenkov teases. “This is probably one of our biggest [finales] yet,” he notes. “The second half of the episode has our guys saving the day in their tuxedos. … They're trying to get to the wedding and they have to sort of save the world before they get there.” So where’s this island-wide threat coming from? There will be new villain on the rise – but it’s someone fans already know. Could it be Chin’s brother-in-law, Gabriel? Lenkov’s staying mum, but hints: “We're going to reintroduce a character who … is going to become a distraction for our team … It’s somebody [we’ve seen before] who’s getting worse."

21 of 36 Greg Gayne/The CW

Jane the Virgin (The CW)

Airs: Monday, May 11 at 9/8c

Will Jane have a boy or a girl? "[The birth's] simultaneously emotional, but it has funny moments," showrunner Jennie Urman says about the delivery scene. As for the baby's name, Urman teases, "I love the name and once you hear it you'll understand why." But don't expect the hour to be all about the birth. It'll also address Season 1's mystery while setting up what Urman calls "wacky developments for the next season." "I'll say that Sin Nostro is out there and whether or not her face is the same is a question. And she still has some unfinished business," Urman teases. "The last five minutes are full of shocking twists and there are multiple cliff-hangers."

22 of 36 Michael Parmelee/NBC

Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

Airs: Wednesday, May 20 at 9/8c

Will Benson adopt baby Noah? The episode, ominously titled "Surrendering Noah," will largely focus on the trial of Noah's birth father Johnny D., who didn't previously know about his son, but could now jeopardize everything. "He has some leverage now over Benson ... [and] if this guy gets off, what does that mean for her and Noah?" showrunner Warren Leight tells us."The next layer is that the squadroom is a family in itself and how do they adjust to members of the family taking hits?" And speaking of squadroom, expect a major shakeup when Benson is asked to take the lieutenant's exam and hire a No. 2. Who will it be? "That's the hot potato around the squad [in the beginning of the finale]," Leight says. "Finn has seniority, Amaro could use a good break, Rollins would be very good at it, but would Olivia ever trust her? And Carisi goes to law school." There is good news though! "I hate to give away there's not a cliff-hanger because the stakes are pretty high, [but] for the most part they wrap up by the end of the episode."

23 of 36 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)

Airs: Tuesday, May 12 at 9/8c

There's a lot going on this season on S.H.I.E.L.D., but executive producer Jeffrey Bell promises the ambitious finale will answer all your big burning questions while posing a few news ones. Part of the conclusion will find Skye finally determining how she truly feels about her newfound powers. "We looked at her journey this season as birth of a superhero," Bell says. "You want by the end of the season to have a sense of 'This is who I am, these are my abilities and I'm mostly OK with it' or 'I hate it.'"Meanwhile, Coulson and Gonzales will continue to find themselves at odds, with May and Bobbi in caught in the middle. "Whether that ends up with a big group hug or bodies everywhere is to be determined," Bell teases.

24 of 36 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Modern Family (ABC)

Airs: Wednesday, May 13 at 9/8c

The entire Dunphy-Pritchett clan gathers at Jay and Gloria's for Alex's graduation – minus Phil, who attempts to use technology to attend from Seattle, where he's detained on a business trip. But predictably, Alex's milestone is the last thing on everyone's minds: Jay is exasperated with Gloria's cousin, who has overstayed his welcome; a recently-laid-off Mitch tries to hide the news from Cam; and Haley finally confronts her true feelings about Andy, who's preoccupied because his girlfriend Beth is in town.

25 of 36 Mark Levine/ABC

Nashville (ABC)

Airs: Wednesday, May 13 at 10/9c

Rayna and Deacon will continue to deal with the latter’s health problems as they finally come to a head. While there won’t be any shootings or car crashes this time around, producers promise, the season will still end on a cliff-hanger. “[Deacon] and Rayna definitely make a tiny bit of a deal with the devil in order to secure his future,” executive producer Dee Johnson says. Elsewhere, Juliette returns to the stage as a new mom, but whether she has her priorities in order remains to be seen. “Juliette struggles with motherhood, as one with her background might,” Johnson hints. “And Avery has struggles with her mothering. I think it’s difficult for any couple to find that balance, but she is a star, so that’s always going to be a problem, in terms of the demands on her time.”

26 of 36 Monty Brinton/CBS


Airs: Tuesday, May 12 at 8/7c

The season-ender will be the culmination of a three-episode arc about the recruitment of a disenfranchised teenager into a terrorist group, a case that has members of the team traveling to Egypt and Iraq. And not everyone will make it out of the season alive. "At the end of the penultimate episode, something pretty atrocious happens and we lose someone very close to us in the process," executive producer Gary Glasberg teases. "It's a pretty surprising ending and a pretty disturbing ending … that I don't think anybody's going to see coming." The second-to-last episode will also bring about the return of "some very familiar faces that will make our fans very happy," Glasberg hints. Hmm…

27 of 36 Cliff Lipson/CBS

​NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

Airs: Monday, May 18 at 10/9c

Season 6 ends with a Callen-centric episode that finds the team traveling to Moscow to continue looking into the case of the oil tanker that went missing earlier this season. Their investigation also turns up some surprising revelations about Callen from both Hetty and Arcady Kolcheck, who returns for the episode. "There's a fairly big reveal at the end," executive producer R. Scott Gemmill teases. "Callen's put in somewhat a precarious position because he has an opportunity to learn more about his past, but he has to focus on the task at hand more. So, he's sort of torn between the two opportunities." The "big reveal" comes courtesy of Hetty, whose past also becomes illuminated in a surprising way. "She runs into some old acquaintances and reveals something … that you wouldn't have expected from Hetty," Gemmill says. In addition, the finale will also introduce a female character who will return in a different capacity that will play into Callen's life as well.

28 of 36 Skip Bolen/CBS

NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)

Airs: Tuesday, May 12 at 9/8c

Steven Weber returns as Councilman Douglas Hamilton, and the Baitfish story line will take a significant jump forward, with negative impacts on LaSalle and Pride in particular. “LaSalle has to … face some major setbacks, and his home, personal, romantic life are sort of tossed up in the air,” executive producer Jeff Lieber says. “There's a mistaken identity moment that causes things to go haywire and causes him to be pulled into Pride’s ongoing 20-year saga.” Viewers will also learn the identity of Sasha’s lover, who has a “showdown” with Pride in the finale. In addition, look for Pride to make a big pivot that will set the stage for some new developments in Season 2. “He makes a major decision in terms of his family … that will open up a new relationship for next season,” Lieber teases. “His end is really very personal, in terms of how it affects both his family and how it affects his romantic life going forward.”

29 of 36 Ray Mickshaw/FOX

New Girl (Fox)

Airs: Tuesday, May 5 at 9/8c

Grab you tissues because it's time to say farewell to Coach, and Winston is hit hard. Not feeling the feels is Coach himself. "He's one of these dudes who's an Army brat, used to packing up a bag and getting a clean break," executive producer Brett Baer says. While Coach is taking the next step in his relationship with May, Nick and Jess settle on how they'll deal with each other moving forward. As for Schmidt and Fawn, how they deal with her recent scandal (when she, ahem, exposed herself) will dictate their future. Need more? "Regis Philbin makes a hilarious cameo appearance in the finale," executive producer Dave Finkel says. "It's related to the Coach-Winston story."

30 of 36 Jack Rowand/ABC

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Airs: Sunday, May 10 at 8/7c

Can The Author grant the villains a happy ending? That question will be answered in what co-creator Edward Kitsis calls a "two-hour concept episode" that will include pretty much everybody in Storybrooke. Also, Emma and Hook's relationship will be explored further, and it will become clear where Regina and Robin Hood stand. But where is our horned friend Maleficent in all this? Hoping for a reunion with her long-lost daughter Lily, who will make an appearance as well. By the end of the two hours, one person will be gone forever (as much as they can be on this show), and everyone will be left this season with a big "change in condition" that will carry over into next season.

31 of 36 Quantrell Colbert/The CW

​The Originals (The CW)

Airs: Monday, May 11 at 8/7c

"Things will get worse before they get better!" executive producer Michael Narducci warns. With Dahlia, the last remaining first-generation Original, in town, expect a deadly showdown. "Some people are going to not make it," Narducci says. "This was our Empire Strikes Backseason and ... at the end of it you will, I hope, be devastated, but you'll see that these people are not yet defeated. " Adds Joseph Morgan: "There are moments which will really make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and we'll see our heroes really stand together [which is] inspiring ... But there's also a very unexpected action from a character which turns the tide completely at the last moment." Hmm, could that tease be related to this nugget Morgan shared earlier in the season? "I was pitching an idea where, at the end of Season 2, Marcel comes out of left field and tries to take the city. All along he's been preparing these forces and we've been concentrating on our family and we never saw it coming."

32 of 36 Jeff Neumann/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

​Person of Interest (CBS)

Airs: Tuesday, May 5 at 10/9c

"We promised a war," executive producer Greg Plageman says of the CBS drama's fourth season finale. And while he may be alluding to the season-long battle between the Machine and its rival AI Samaritan, Reese will also find himself caught in the middle of the final showdown between rival crime bosses Dominic and Elias. Meanwhile, Finch and Root race to save the Machine after it is finally located by Samaritan — but how far will they go? "A big part of the theme of the end of the season is this relationship that they have with this inhuman entity," executive producer Jonathan Nolan says. "How loyal is it to them? How loyal are they too it? Are they just interchangeable servants working for it? Or does it actually give a sh--? We’ll see the stakes of that become very real at the end of the season." How real? "The finale features the potential death of up to three major characters," Nolan teases.

33 of 36 Danny Feld/ABC

​Revenge (ABC)

Airs: Sunday, May 10 at 10/9c

With a title like "Two Graves," it's a safe bet that not all your Hamptons favorites wil make it out of the Revenge finale alive – but it won't be all doom and gloom. One of the most pressing remaining questions remaining is, of course, whether Jack and Amanda will finally get their happy ending. "People will understand exactly where they stand in the finale," executive producer Sunil Nayar says. "We'll really tap into what the world means now that she's Amanda Clark and that he's Jack Porter and … it's heartbreaking in some ways and really satisfying in others." In addition to Everwood'sTom Amandes reuniting with Emily VanCamp in a mysterious guest role, Charlotte will also be returning to Revenge in the penultimate episode. As to the photo VanCamp tweeted wearing an orange jumpsuit, Nayar reveals it might not be exactly what you think. "[Amanda] is a woman of great strategy and cunning," Nayar says. "The audience gets to wonder 'Why is she in that outfit?' and 'Is it because she wants to be in that outfit or is it because she's forced to be in that outfit?'"

34 of 36 Nicole Wilder, ABC

​Scandal (ABC)

Airs: Thursday, May 14 at 9/8c

Can Papa Pope be taken down? Olivia, David, et al. will try their darndest, but they might be thrown off as more information come to light. "Everything comes to an explosive head,"Tony Goldwyn tells us. "The revelations about Rowan [are] just insane!" Meanwhile, Fitz is "determined" to ensure Mellie wins the Senate seat, but her campaign will take an unexpected turn right before the election. Might Susan Ross have something to do with it? "Susan is a pain in the ass, but she is a breath of fresh air in the Grant White House because she is completely honest and without guile," Goldwyn teases. "And she has the courage of her convictions -- misguided though she may be at times." As for "hope" for Olitz, Goldwyn says, "His commitment to her, his unwavering certainty that they are meant for each other has not dimmed. But he accepts that the campaign for Olivia may be the longest of his life."

35 of 36 Cliff Lipson/CBS

Scorpion (CBS)

Airs: Monday, April 20 at 9/8c

Team Scorpion has their most urgent case yet -- saving their fearless leader Walter, who's trapped inside a sports car that just happens to be teetering on the side of a cliff. "They are rudderless and unsure of what to do, but at the end of the day, they rise to the challenge," executive producer Nick Santora says. And even though Walter is horribly injured in the accident, he's still there for his team, speaking through a "drone with a telephone attached to it," executive producer Nicholas Wootton explains. Spoiler alert! Walter lives (or this would be a very different show) to see his entire team, including Paige and Ralph, again. Romantics will be happy to learn that "towards the end of the episode, you will see a glimmer of hope for [Happy and Toby's] relationship in a very simple line of dialogue."

36 of 36 Tina Rowden/The CW

The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Airs: Thursday, May 14 at 8/7c

With Nina Dobrev exiting the series, the big question is: Will Elena die? While our bet is that she takes the cure, executive producer Caroline Dries warns you'll want to break out the tissues regardless. "We've had the benefit of knowing about Nina's exit for awhile, so we were able to write what we believe will be the most satisfying goodbye for such a beloved character," Dries tells us. "It was emotional to brainstorm, even to write, but I think Julie [Plec, executive producer] will agree that when it came time to put pen to paper, the story just sort of flowed naturally." As for the rest of the hour, expect things to be slightly uncomfortable for Caroline and Stefan once she regains her humanity and the two finally talk things out at Jo and Alaric's wedding in the penultimate episode. "Caroline, like Stefan, is going to feel deeply shamed when all is said and done, and her struggle will be reconciling those feelings and finding a way to move past them," Dries says. "When she's in the murk of that guilt and remorse, a real relationship with Stefan won't feel possible." Oh, and don't count Kai out just yet! He and his new "menagerie" of blood-thirsty heretics will be plotting their comeback from 1903.