James Bamford James Bamford

Being a superhero isn't easy.

And we don't mean the moral quandaries they face. We mean the grueling, physical exhaustion that comes with kicking butt on a daily basis.

To get a feel for exactly how tough the life of a superhero is, TVGuide.com visited the Vancouver set of CW's Arrow, where stunt coordinator James Bamford showed us a few moves.

On the set: Go beind the scenes of Arrow

Fortunately, Bamford didn't subject us to the salmon ladder, which star Stephen Amell famously does himself. Instead, he showed us how he trains Amell using the Wing Chun dummy, which helps prepare you for the unpredictability of an opponent.

Check out how staff editor Sadie Gennis did below and learn the routine yourself!

Arrow returns Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 8/7c on The CW.

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