Arrested Development Arrested Development

While we hope the new season of Arrested Development has its own set of tricks and illusions, there are still a few recurring jokes we hope to see when the show returns Sunday on Netflix.

Check out 14 things we'll be looking for this Sunday.

10 essential Arrested Development episodes to watch before Season 4

1. Buster and Michael to finally debut their take on the infamous Bluth chicken dance

2. Gob's bee business

4. Alias references

5. Time-jumps that put Lost to shame

6. Fake movies, TV shows and celebrities

7. Original songs

8. Lucille winking

9. Using actors in multiple roles

10. Franklin

11. Buster letting loose

12. Charlie Brown references

13. Not-so-subtle product placement

14. An explanation of what the heck club sauce is

What jokes do you hope to see in Season 4?