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Come May 26, Pop Pop won't be the only one to get a treat. After a seven-year hiatus, Arrested Development returns Memorial Day weekend on Netflix. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to watch all three seasons in anticipation, but we think 10 episodes is completely doable (they are only 22 minutes each, after all). Here are the most essential episodes to watch before Season 4:

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Top Banana (Season 1, Episode 2):
Michael (Jason Bateman) puts his son in charge of the banana stand, but ultimately burns it down. Tobias goes on his first audition, only to have Lindsay land the part.
Why you need to watch: Within the very first minute of this episode, we get three of the series' most-loved lines ("There's always money in the banana stand," "I'm having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich," "No touching!").  Plus, Tobias' dramatic take on a fire sale perfectly sets the tone for his trainwreck of a career.

In God We Trust (Season 1, Episode 7): Michael and Lindsay try to use the Living Classics Pageant as a way to fire the family's incompetent attorney Barry Zuckercorn. George Michael (Michael Cera) never takes off a muscle suit in an attempt to impress Maeby (Alia Shawkat). Buster struggles to keep his relationship with Lucille 2 private.
Why you need to watch: This is the episode that taught us about never-nudes ("There are dozens of us!") and now the world will never be the same.

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Shock and Aww (Season 1, Episode 14):
Michael and his son both fall for the same woman, George Michael's ethics teacher. In order to upset Buster, Lucille (Jessica Walter) adopts a young Korean boy. George Sr.'s (Jeffrey Tambor) self-help tapes "Caged Wisdom" snag him a new fan, undercover agent Cindi Lightballoon.
Why you need to watch: So that you know the answer to the question: "What would Saddam do?"

¡Amigos! (Season 2, Episode 3): Lucille's private eye Gene Parmesan discovers George Sr. is hiding in Mexico. Michael, Lindsay, Maeby, George Michael and Ann try to find him with the help of bounty hunter/party planner Ice. Buster confuses his housekeeper's house for Mexico.
Why you need to watch: Because Michael's dislike for his son's girlfriend is as Ann as the nose on Plain's face.

Good Grief (Season 2, Episode 4): George Sr. watches his own wake from the attic. Michael tries to get George Michael back with Yam. Gob (Will Arnett) tries an elaborate illusion in order to land the cover of Poof magazine.
Why you need to watch: The layers of lies and manipulation in this episode epitomize the Bluth family values and result in some of the funniest eulogies of all time.

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Afternoon Delight (Season 2, Episode 6):
Lindsay (Portia De Rossi) struggles to find a date at the Bluth Christmas party, where all the employees have turned on Gob. Lucille, Michael and Maeby feel abandoned. Buster (Tony Hale) plays hooky from Army.
Why you need to watch: Because Gob has never been worse, probably an effect of his $3,000 $5,000 $7,000 suit.

Motherboy XXX (Season 2, Episode 13): Lucille forces George Michael to be her date at a mother-son dance after Buster loses his hand. Gob reunites with the seal handler he married on a dare. Lindsay finds herself attracted to Tobias (David Cross) when he stars as George Sr. in a Bluth biopic.
Why you need to watch: Carl Weathers and Tobias prove no one does product placement like Arrested Development. Plus, the show reaches its Oedipal peak.

Meat the Veals (Season 2, Episode 16): Gob helps George Sr. abduct Lucille to renew their vows. Michael tries to offend Ann's parents in order to break up her and George Michael. Tobias' housekeeper persona Mrs. Featherbottom goes a little overboard with innuendos.
Why you need to watch: This is the episode that introduced Franklin, Gob's puppet sidekick who's never afraid to say things that Whitey isn't ready to hear.

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Mr. F (Season 3, Episode 5):
The Bluths search for a mole in their company, leading the family to suspect Michael's British girlfriend Rita. Tobias mistakes a CIA agent for an acting agent. Gob and Buster build a tiny town to fool Japanese investors.
Why you need to watch: Arrested is typically praised for its subtle wit, but that doesn't mean they aren't also masters of the visual gag too.

Development Arrested (Season 3, Episode 13): Lucille throws a yacht party to celebrate the Bluth Company's success, but the SEC catches up with her. Lindsay discovers she's adopted. Michael and George Michael flee to Cabo, only to wake up next to George Sr.
Why you need to watch:
It's the finale, duh.

Watch the full episode below.

Arrested Development returns May 26 on Netflix.