Will Arnett courtesy Ryan Born/WireImage.com Will Arnett courtesy Ryan Born/WireImage.com

Jack Donaghy is going to have something to say about this. Not being a gearhead, the most interesting thing I culled from NBC's press release about the Knight Rider relaunch movie premiering Feb. 17 is that Alec Baldwin's gravelly voiced 30 Rock rival, Will Arnett, will take the baton from William Daniels and speak for KITT. Or make that the KITT s, as the Transformers-esque update boasts not one but three supercars: a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR as "everyday hero" KITT; the KITT Attack, aka a high-speed version of the GT500KR featuring "air-ride technology and specialized body parts"; and KITT Remote, which is driverless (akin to having Lindsay behind the wheel).

It's also confirmed that David Hasselhoff will return as Michael Knight in "a special guest-star appearance."