If we were Gilmore Girls' apparently irresistible Rory, we'd start sleeping with one eye open. Lately, she's been throwing off sparks with old flame Dean. The hitch? He's now hitched to the seemingly sweet Lindsay, played by Arielle Kebbel. "I killed a girl," the up-and-comer admits to TV Guide Online. And she's only half-kidding! "It was on Law & Order: SVU. I killed her, then I lied about it and went on trial."

Chances are, no such fate awaits Lorelai's man-magnetizing daughter. Instead, her continued presence in her ex's life is more likely to sound the death knell for his young marriage. "No matter what I do for him, it's always Rory!" Kebbel exclaims in character. "I make him lunch every single day, I smile all the time... but I'll never be Rory. It becomes this huge tug-of-war over Dean."

Should Lindsay win the battle, viewers still shouldn't look for Kebbel and leading man Jared Padalecki to put down roots in Stars Hollow. "I'm happy to just pop in and pop out," insists the 19-year-old Florida native. "That way, I'm not locked down to this role." (Since her Gilmore debut last season, the Hollywood freshman has completed her first flick, Soul Plane, with Snoop Dogg, and wrapped work on a second, the Get Shorty sequel Be Cool.)

Nonetheless, Kebbel will always be willing to stop by Luke's Diner for a cup of joe. "A lot of my dear friends and even my old teacher's daughters watch this show," she offers, "so it's been really great for me, just knowing I'm a part of a show that a lot of families watch together.

"I can't tell you the number of mothers and daughters who say, 'Oh, my gosh, we lay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls every Tuesday [at 8 pm/ET on the WB]!'" she concludes. "There's something very, very humbling about that."