Ariana Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena in northwest England was rocked by explosions Monday, May 22. The explosives killed 19 people and injured 50 others, according to a statement from the authorities.

The show had reportedly just ended when an explosion went off in the foyer area, leading to a stampede as fans attempted to flee the venue.

"The lights had come up everyone was just getting out and walking towards the stairs, when all of a sudden this huge sound which sounded like an explosion went off," concert-goer Karen Ford told BBC. "Everyone just stopped and turned around, and then somebody shouted 'it's a bomb' and everyone just started running. Everybody was trying to push people up the stairs. There was a lot of children there without parents. There was no one to calm them down so everyone was just screaming crying and pushing."

After Manchester Grande's tour is scheduled to move to Belgium, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and France, through the summer with stops in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and on to Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and more.

Though known primarily for being a pop star these days, Grande has an extensive history with television. She first found fame on Nickelodeon's Victorious, which spun off into the Grande-starring vehicle Sam & Cat. More recently, Grande made a memorable appearance in Scream Queens and played Penny Pingleton in NBC's Hairspray Live!.

Grande's representatives confirmed that she was unharmed in the explosion.

Editor's note: This story was changed to report the exact number of fatalities and those injured.