Oh, great. Another Outward Bound-centric episode. I hate these! Worst. Job idea. Ever. At least Creepy Counselor Chris' airtime was minimal.

So the hike begins and it seems all the stress the cast underwent to prepare these kids for this "life-changing experience" was all for nothing, as the New Orleanians consistently say things like this during the hike: "F--- this." The kids also seem to turn suicidal as they refuse to come out of freezing water despite Creepy Camp Counselor Chris yelling that they are going to get hypothermia. (P.S. This made me feel not quite as bad for CariDee during America's Next Top Model....)

In the end, though, the kids seem to be moved by the whole trip. Or maybe they are just so physically spent and relieved that the nightmare is over that they break down into tears at the drop of a hat? That's what I think, but hey, I hate the wilderness. I just don't agree with Colie that climbing this mountain will change these kids' lives - it won't buy them new houses. But where was Brooke? No drama from her at all during this trip? I'm impressed.

So we all know how much I hate Stephen, but I had to agree with him (at least initially) that no one had a right to be bitchy and judgmental with him for leaving the hike to attend his sister's wedding. I also sympathized with his feeling pushed into the background by Colie and Tyrie. With their constant talking to/yelling at the campers, how could Stephen ever get a word in? How could he "show his passion"? Well, anyway, that's the impression I got. Obviously, he wasn't enthusiastic about this job - overeager partners and family wedding aside - but I did actually want to defend him in this instance.

But in usual Stephen fashion, his horrible, horrible personality made me quickly hate him again. He said he could be the No. 1 employee if he had wanted to? Oh, I'm afraid not, Stephen. I don't know what world you live in, but you are not likable at all. You're actually a hateful, stupid, overly judgmental person, and there's no way those kids would have preferred hanging out with you over Tyrie, even if he did give you time to talk.

Now, let's talk about how much I hate Davis. Why is he such a s--t-starter? What Tyrie said about Stephen isn't any of his business, and he just infuriates people unnecessarily.

Later, Colie and Stephen semi-make up. But I'm so sick of her and of Jenn's condescending "reconciliations" with people they clearly do not like, with comments such as, "I don't dislike you as a person..." or "I think you're genuinely a good person...." Who cares what you think, bitch? No one asked. And Colie's comments to Stephen were no exception, even though she did end up apologizing profusely. I have a feeling she was just drunk and didn't really know or care what she was apologizing for. Well, since I hate them both so much, I don't really know whose side to take. Story of this season with me, I must say.