I should probably keep my mouth shut about Outward Bound... I feel so mean. But I tend to agree with Brooke's initial attitude toward it that it seems a little silly to be taking it so seriously. I can appreciate a love of the outdoors, of pushing yourself physically, but I really don't see why rappelling down a mountain is so life-changing.

OK, OK. That's because I've never done it. But I just don't get it, and I guess that's why I find these episodes so boring. I've never missed Colie's slutty escapades more than this week!

Or maybe I hate this episode because... (I bet you can guess why!) I hate Camp Counselor Chris! I want him to fall off the mountain. Am I the only one who feels that way?

Well, anyway, maybe I'm just less inclined to let this sort of thing go since I hate these episodes so much, but where were Tyrie and Alex during the hike? Why were Stephen and Brooke left alone? And where was Brooke during the boy's hike? Hmmm....

So Brooke was in tears after her Outward Bound experience, and she said it changed her life because now she has learned to face her fears in life. OK. Who honestly believes Brooke is less crazy/more happy now that she rappelled down a mountain? I don't think she is. And also, we can all agree that Brooke has serious psychological issues and probably has and continues to undergo therapy and takes medication for her conditions. I really don't think Chris or Jenn are registered psychologists, so I don't think it's their place to push someone who is not mentally stable into such a stressful emotional state. I mean, they knew Brooke could technically do it, of course, and that she would experience relief when it was over, but they don't really know what effect stress like this has on every single person. In general, I feel like most of the positive emotions at the end of the trip were a result of relief that it was over, not because the experience really changed them for the better. I don't believe Ashley K. is a better/happier person now, either. So, yeah. I don't think this sort of experience is for everyone, and it just makes me mad to see someone forcing someone into doing it. I'm sorry.

I also don't think Brooke really cared about earning Chris' respect, nor do I think she should care about earning it. Oh, well.

But that's just my opinion, of course. I could be totally wrong. But I will confidently say that Camp Counselor Chris was not being sincere. There is no way the Real World cast exceeded his expectations or that Brooke is his hero. Don't say stuff like that if you don't mean it. Earlier, Chris was expressing his shock at how horribly out of shape these people were. Maybe they just exceeded his expectations by not dying.

Speaking of which, judging from the preview, it looks like Colie's mono is going to be short-lived yet again!