You know what, Davis? Remember when you felt the need to prove yourself after all of your roommates thought you were a racist psychopath? Remember? I remember. You'd think you'd be a little bit nicer to everyone. Oh, but wait. I forgot you are never aware of your actions or what comes out of your mouth or why anyone would ever take offense to you. I forgot it just never registers. You don't understand why Brooke would be mad at you when you say she's not very pretty and has a double chin; you don't understand why Jenn would be mad at you for telling her boyfriend whom you don't know about the times she cheated on him. Hmmm. How do you ever have friends at all, Davis? You are so emotionally f-ed up and disconnected. Must have been all of those years being in the closet and being told you were going to burn in hell for something you couldn't control. But I've had enough of it, whatever it is. Go back to your identical-twin boyfriend.

Ugh! I just wish he had left the show after the second episode like he was about to do! How much better would this show be without him?

But Tyrie tells Jared about Jenn's sex life as well? Why don't these people just pretend not to know? That's what I would have done. None of them know Jared, so I really don't think it's their place to be telling him anything. Not that I'm condoning Jenn's cheating on Jared or lying about it (I actually think he's too good for her in general). And it's not like Jared wouldn't have found out when the show aired anyway, but these house mates should know that it's not a good idea to get into someone else's long-distance relationship. I thought at least Tyrie would know that.

But as is so often the case with this season, the resolutions were very anticlimactic. About Davis, Jenn said she would "kill that mother f*****," and, if she had a gun, she "would shoot him." But she and Davis never had a satisfying confrontation - you know she still, rightfully so, hates him. And Jenn's confrontation with Jared was disappointing, too. He just decided to "not be a bitch" and not care that his girlfriend cheated on him? Well, OK. I guess he hooked up with other girls, too. (And didn't have cameras around to force him to tell the truth.)

So I was actually really happy for my girl Brooke when she found a new prospect. And boy was she horny. She would just not stop hugging that guy. That poor girl: She's the only one who hadn't taken advantage of MTV camera carte blanch at bars. I wish I could have seen the end of that date - did they even kiss? And as far as the little bump in their relationship, I agree with her that bowling is not a good second date for most people and he should have known, even after one meeting, that Brooke wasn't the type of girl who would want to go bowling. I don't know if every girl would understand, though, as she seems to think.

Ew. More Outward Bound next week. I just hope Chris's airtime is minimal.