So I know I have a lot of problems with Stephen, Jenn and especially with Colie, but this episode really put my issues with them into perspective. That group of horny, idiot drunks has never just... baffled me in the way that Brooke and Davis do. With the majority, at least, I can understand what they're thinking, even if what they're thinking is stupid. With the two actual nut-jobs of the house, I really have no idea what is going on in their heads - and I would be afraid to ever find out.

Colie and Jenn actually impressed me in this episode. At least they have some grasp on basic social interaction, of how to speak to people - which isn't true for Davis at all. It was really nice of Colie to comfort Brooke, or at least let Brooke vent to her, and I mean really vent, considering Brooke called Colie a "f------ bitch" to her face. Colie didn't need to do it, but it shows that she has some common sense and common courtesy when it comes to dealing with other people. I tend to take that for granted in my rantings, but, of course, Davis made me rethink that.

Also, Jenn's restraint at being told out of the blue while at a bar that she needed to lose weight was very remarkable. Good for you, Jenn. It would have been better not to mention it to Colie and Brooke afterward and just let it die, but who could expect that? I don't know how she stayed with Davis in her seat at the bar for one more second after what he said to her, but she calmly finished her drink. Impressive.

So, yeah. I can't even find the words to express how much I hate Davis and how much I completely don't understand what he thinks. Brooke loses control and acts crazy, obviously, but Davis does more subtle, and in my opinion, equally crazy things. And whenever he does them, he remains completely calm and in control. He's so freaky!

Oh, yeah. Both Brooke and (to a certain extent) Davis himself attribute his meanness toward the people in the house to his being gay. Davis also said that Tyrie would never really be friends with him because he is gay. No. It is not because you are gay that you don't have friends, Davis. It is because your personality sucks. It is not because you are gay that you say mean things about people's appearance when no one asked you what you thought. It is because you are an ass. There.

Who in their right mind says to someone's face, "You should lose some weight."? Seriously! Much less to a girl. Much less to someone you're not even really friends with. It blows my mind! How could you have so little regard for with whom you are speaking? Why would you, in casual conversation, expect anything other than causing offense by calling someone fat? It's not the fact that he thought those things that freaks me out; it's that he chose to say them to people's faces. Why? What do you expect Brooke to say when you volunteer, "I like you, you're just not the prettiest person in the world." Oh, well, I really appreciate your honesty considering I never asked you for your opinion on my appearance.... I'll just take that as constructive criticism and go home and pray - pray that even though Davis doesn't think I'm the most attractive person in the world, I will somehow find the strength to go on living. But Davis says he still likes me. I still have that!

And then Davis has the nerve to say that he doesn't understand why Brooke cares about what he said. It looks like Brooke accepted his apology only because she has to continue living with him, which would be the only good reason to do so. And I try to be on Brooke's side because, when she's up, I think she's definitely the coolest person in the house. And the things that set her off - I think she is consistently justified in being mad (maybe not that nail salon incident), but her reactions are just so crazy! Like... who ever gets that mad? Ever. About anything. Brooke was so mad, she couldn't even contain a sentence she was writing to one page. She then said she would "kill Davis with her bare hands if she could." I can't imagine what that level of rage must feel like....

Well, along to the side story: Tyrie dumping Jazalle's emotional ass. I guess he just associated her with his traumatic detox experience and with having an arrest on his record for the rest of his life. I have to say, I can't blame him. Obviously, this wasn't Jazalle's fault, but perhaps Tyrie just saw the dramatics that dating her brought out in both of them and decided it wasn't worth it. But that means that incredibly lame nickname, "Dark Kent," is coming back. Does anyone else think Tyrie is too cool to talk about something as dumb as a stupid, fake persona in social situations?