Tammy Trenta, <EM>The Apprentice</EM> Tammy Trenta, The Apprentice

It was game over for Tammy Trenta last week on NBC's The Apprentice, when Synergy's girl power enthusiasm converted into cattiness, leaving the Donald no choice but to press the "fire" button at the project manager. But in the course of losing out on her bid to work for Trump, did Tammy find something better? Perhaps first-ever inter-Apprentice amore? TVGuide.com sought out the scoop.

TVGuide.com: The previous week, you, Allie and Roxanne were all excited about the teams again being split by sexes. But come the Xbox 360 task, it looked like they saw you as a threat and tanked the task with the hope they could pin it on you.
Tammy Trenta:
If you look at the deleted scenes on NBC.com, you'll see in the boardroom that Sean, Michael and Lee were in [for the Outback/Rutgers task], Trump asked who the strongest person on Synergy was and they all said me. After Lee told them what was said in there, I kind of anticipated that this might happen. It really was Allie's turn [to be project manager], but when I overheard Lee telling them what was said, I thought, "That is going to be my demise." So I decided to be project manager.

TVGuide.com: Allie and Roxanne hearing that must have set the wrong mood.
It really did, and it became night and day working with those girls. I repeatedly asked, "Does anyone have any ideas?" But they gave me nothing.

TVGuide.com: It had to suck to lose to the guys' display that had a missing roof.
To be honest with you, our display looked awesome. To say that my place looked horrible and theirs looked great... I would question that judgment call, because I did an amazing job. I'm really proud of myself.

TVGuide.com: Did you have to laugh that the three of you ended up in cheerleader uniforms for the previous task?
I thought it was fun! Going back to college and doing a tailgate event, that was one of my favorite tasks. What's funny is that even though Roxanne was project manager, it was my idea to deliver the food and my idea to set the price point at five dollars. I figured people would pay for that convenience.

TVGuide.com: At the time, I thought that was a bad decision on your part, but it ended up working.
We did not get nearly the amount of traffic coming to the stands and so the fact that we went out to the people was brilliant. [The Gold Rush guys] were saying that they couldn't get the food out fast enough, which means they had underpriced. There was more demand than there was supply. I felt that because I maybe wasn't the loudest person, my contributions didn't go recognized. When I was project manager, things went really well, and when there's no drama, there's not a lot to highlight. [For the Xbox task], when you see Trump's commentary, you can tell he knew it was sabotage. The fact that he would deliberately pick people who would sabotage me instead of wanting to win [a task] is disappointing.

TVGuide.com: Now before Sean left Synergy, it looked like something was beginning to "percolate" between you two. Did anything come of that?

TVGuide.com: Did you two have The Apprentice's first on-set romance?
[Laughs] You know, I was very careful about what was shown on television. When you're living and working with people that long and you're so close with them, you just bond. Sean and I had chemistry. We got along well, we sold well, and he was easy to get along with. We're very close. I was disappointed he was isolated from the team because I actually considered going over to Gold Rush [instead of him].

TVGuide.com: Which was your favorite reward?
We won a lot of tasks and I got a lot of rewards. I think my favorite was having the opportunity to meet [New York] Senator Charles Schumer in Washington, D.C., flying on Trump's private jet to go there. It was so inspirational. The senator is a wonderful man, a very nice guy.
TVGuide.com: And which reward were you most disappointed to miss out on?
The Vijay Singh golf lesson. I love to golf and I have a crappy pair of clubs, so to get new clubs and meet Vijay Singh would have been priceless to me. It was frustrating that people who weren't even golfers and who didn't know who he was got to go on that reward.

TVGuide.com: Poetry is a hobby of yours. Want to make up a poem for me right now about The Apprentice?
Aw, you're putting me on the spot! You know, we had made a song on the Burt Bacharach reward with lyrics about the show. I should go pull it up and send it to you, because it was a parody of The Apprentice set to Burt's music. That was fun.

TVGuide.com: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your Apprentice experience?
I would rate it a 9. In the end, the good people don't always win, but I have a lot of respect for myself as well as a lot of the contestants I had a chance to work with. I think it's made me a better businesswoman — and humbled me at the same time.

TVGuide.com: I assume they're flying you out to the finale, which is being held in Los Angeles for the first time?
Yes. In fact, I'm having a launch party for my new line of women's business cases — Theresa Kathryn, named after my grandmother. My website [TheresaKathryn.com] just launched and I've got a few hundred people coming to the party, including cast members and members of the media.

TVGuide.com: Why haven't I been invited?
You absolutely are!

TVGuide.com: You say that now....
You are more than welcome to come! It's at the Mandrian in Hollywood.

TVGuide.com: Oh, I'm in New York City. That's no good.
It's an expensive trip for a woman's handbag, huh?

TVGuide.com: Definitely.

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