Leslie Bourgeois, <EM>The Apprentice</EM> Leslie Bourgeois, The Apprentice
Leslie Bourgeois so did not get a P'EatZZa party for her birthday. Instead, her present was a big ol' Cobra  and it wasn't even wrapped in pretty paper!  from Donald Trump on last week's

The Apprentice (Mondays at 9 pm/ET on NBC). Did Gold Rush's project manager pay the price for setting too high a price for a pizza sandwich? Or was 7-Eleven simply her unlucky number? Here's what the Louisiana Realtor had to say about being let go. (Our Q&A with Lenny Veltman, last week's other canned candidate, can be found here.)

TVGuide.com: So you were fired on your birthday....
Leslie Bourgeois:
I said there was a better chance of getting struck by lightning or hitting the lotto.

TVGuide.com: Have you ever been to a 7-Eleven? I don't think any lunch item in that store costs $7.99.
No, but we had a nice cooler that was worth $14, so we thought we'd package it all together. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: It's always tough to lose on these tasks that come down to pricing.
I, and I think my teammates, feel that I ran a really good task. We were very smooth and didn't have any glitches anywhere. It basically came down to the price point, and obviously we missed the mark. As the project manager, I have to take responsibility for my team, and I did. But I shouldn't have been fired.

TVGuide.com: You brought Lee and only Lee into the boardroom. Were you "punishing" him for sticking up for Lenny for so long?
I would never punish him for sticking up for Lenny because Lenny was a friend of mine, also. That has nothing to do with it.

TVGuide.com: Lee tried to make that deal with a company and move a lot of product.
He was trying to move product, but there were also times when he was not trying to move product, which were not shown. There were times when I couldn't find him and times when he was pouting about the decisions I made. On a collective whole, I brought in Lee for numerous reasons, not just for the deal that he informed me later was a "shady" one from the beginning. I could have used him for that hour and a half selling pizzas rather than working on a shady deal.

TVGuide.com: Lee's one of those contestants who fly under the radar and never get smacked with accountability.
That's what I mostly wanted to point out to Mr. Trump. It's very easy to take opposition to decisions, because if you go in the boardroom you can say you disagreed with the decisions. But if we win, it never gets brought up. It's easier just to [complain].

TVGuide.com: Let's get to the big question: What does the P'EatZZa taste like?
[Pauses, then laughs] I will be politically correct and say the P'EatZZa is very good!

TVGuide.com: But not your first choice for a quick lunch bite?
Probably not my first choice, but it's a decent product.

TVGuide.com: I suppose it was bound to happen sometime, making a sandwich out of two slices of pizza.
Exactly. Pizza and a sandwich together  how can you go wrong?

TVGuide.com: I was at a diner with my buddies over the weekend and saw on the menu a "French-toast sandwich." I asked myself, what's that? "Let's sandwich a slice of French toast between two other slices of French toast...."
Isn't that a stack of French toast?

TVGuide.com: When all was said and done, were you able to salvage your birthday?
Yeah, I was. I actually enjoyed myself on the show and had such a fantastic experience that I didn't regret anything. I went out fighting and I think I did a good job. I was proud of myself.

TVGuide.com: Your NBC.com bio reads like a Match.com profile: "I am currently single and like men who are loyal, secure...."
They asked us all those questions!

TVGuide.com: Uh-huh.
[Laughs] But I am single and that is what I like in a guy.

TVGuide.com: Has being on The Apprentice heated up your romantic prospects?
I've been enjoying my experience with my family and friends, just looking forward to the future. I really haven't thought about [the dating ramifications] too much. That will come along when it's supposed to!

TVGuide.com's Insider Q&A with Lenny Veltman, last week's other canned Apprentice candidate, can be found here.

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