Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson

Question: I anxiously await your AS-P-sponsored scoop on Gilmore Girls. Please tell me the spring wedding is Luke and Lorelai's.

Answer: Despite my efforts to wrestle the bride's and groom's names out of her, all Amy Sherman-Palladino would confirm is that "there will be a wedding" and it will take place in "April or May." Personally, I'm betting it'll be another Stars Hollow duo, especially given this little tease AS-P dropped on my lap: "Luke and Lorelai have been sort of in a holding pattern about the wedding," she says. "Rory coming home [next week] is going to make Lorelai want to move full-steam ahead, but circumstances are going to make Luke start to be concerned about the speed of that. They're heading toward an interesting upheaval."