Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes by Chris Haston/NBC Photo Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes by Chris Haston/NBC Photo

Having considered the squawking of NBC rivals, Nielsen has disabled a new rule that allowed the Peacock to combine the audience Heroes drew with the original Sept. 24 airing of its season premiere and the heads added from a Sept. 29 rebroadcast (featuring 100 percent identical ad content). "NBC's actions were completely consistent with [our] reporting policy," Nielsen says in a statement. "However, [we] received a significant amount of feedback... in which concern was expressed regarding the consequences of this processing change." Namely, that NBC not only got to goose Heroes' Monday numbers but also "delete" what would have been a lousy Saturday hour. As a result, NBC's tally for that week let it claim a tie (in the 18-to-49 demo) with ABC.

Nielsen, though, is undeterred in its quest to "give clients increased flexibility in how ratings are produced: With all the options available to report time-shifted viewing, there is a need for increased flexibility in how linear programming is reported." Ya think?