Anthony Pellicano Anthony Pellicano

The curtain dropped for Anthony Pellicano, a former Hollywood private eye, on Monday when he was sentenced to 15 years in jail for illegal wiretapping.

Pellicano ran an operation that collected information for (and on) some of Hollywood's biggest stars and power-brokers, with clients like Chris Rock and entertainment lawyer Bertram Fields, and victims including Sylvester Stallone and Keith Carradine (none of whom are implicated in any wrongdoing). The former investigator, 64, was convicted earlier this year in two trials of 78 counts, including wiretapping, computer fraud and wire fraud.

Prosecutors described Pelllicano's numerous means of obtaining access to people's personal conversations, which he used to obtain information that would sometimes bolster his clients' legal positions. Among his tactics were bribing police officers to run names in their databases and phone company officials to set up wiretaps.

What's your take on the fall of Hollywood's super-sleuth? Is the glimpse into Hollywood's darker corners enlightening, or a view you'd rather not have?