Anthony Edwards by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo Anthony Edwards by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo

Look who ER dug up to celebrate its final season: Dr. Mark Greene, who died of a brain tumor in Hawaii back in 2002. Original cast member Anthony Edwards signed a deal Wednesday night to reprise his popular character for the Nov. 13 episode of the long-running NBC drama.

Dearly departed Mark will not be spooking Linda Cardellini (of Scooby Doo fame), but rather will be appearing in multiple flashback scenes to give insight into the past of Angela Bassett's character.

In the episode, Bassett's Cate Banfield enters County General Hospital's emergency room - but not in a doctor capacity. At her bedside is Edwards, who collected numerous awards for playing one of TV's all-time most compassionate docs.

Entitled "Heal Thyself," the episode is to shoot next week and was written by ER executive producer David Zabel, who will also direct. For its 15th and final season, the series hopes to bring back other familiar vets for one last hurrah, including Noah Wyle, who will return for four of the final episodes. - William Keck

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