Fans of Anne of Green Gables are a passionate bunch, for whom all it takes is a sweeping glory shot of Prince Edward Island and the words "Gilbert Blythe" to induce an all-day swoon.

So when the news hit that the red-headed heroine would be returning to the small screen in Netflix's new series, Anne with an E, the level of excitement among Anne stans was off the charts. Adapted by Moira Walley-Beckett, who won an Emmy for her work on Breaking Bad, and starring Amybeth McNulty (who really does look like she sprung fully-formed from L.M. Montgomery's head), the reboot was one of spring's most hotly-anticipated releases.


Now that it's out, though, the response from fans features a lot less swooning than expected (and, alas, a lot more screeching with despair.)

To be fair, many diehard fans had doubts from the very beginning.

But once Anne dropped on Netflix, more people noticed that Walley-Beckett's adaptation was leaving a Bad taste in their mouths.

Soon, the condemnations were coming down hard. "Bereft of joy." "Poorly cast." "You're a virgin who can't drive." (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

Of course, there is a hashtag.

In this Green Gables, nobody is safe from the dark, gritty reboot treatment.

On the upside, some folks not only noticed the change, but appreciated it. So if you like the grim flavor of peak TV, you'll love Anne with an E.

Anne with an E is streaming now on Netflix.